Building of the Week | CCTV Building


The architects and designers for this building were Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren. Due to the complex engineering that was involved with this project, engineers with a large amount of experience were required. These engineers happened to be Arup, who have designed a variety of structures, buildings and towers, mainly in China and the United Kingdom.

As you can see from this diagram the building is a staggering 234 meters tall and is 54 storeys high. A small skyscraper in fact, although not your average looking one! Throughout the building there is 475,000sqm of active floor space, some of which is used as a public 'loop' through the building with spectacular views over the nearby 'Forbidden City', Beijing and the CBD. The main purpose for this gigantic building is for TV, administration and broadcasting in one tower, with research and education being in the other. Probably the most functional double use tower ever designed!
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