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It's that time of the week where we sit back and value the work of one inspirational architect deemed our 'Architect of the Week.' This week the coveted spot goes to William McDonough. William is a American architect born in Tokyo, Japan and is one of the principle founders of William McDonough and Partners. William is a specialist sustainable and eco-friendly design. For his work, William has won the presidential award for sustainable development, the National Design Award and the Green Chemistry Challenge Award.
YouTube's International Headquarters. California, USA
Williams' most notable work is the architecture renovation of the Ford Motor Companies River Rouge Complex  which was originally designed by Albert Kahn back in 1917. The River Rouge Complex is now listed on the U.S. Register for Historic Places and a U.S. Historical Landmark. Other notable works of William McDonough are the International Headquarters of the popular video sharing website, YouTube. Also designed by Williams was the NASA Sustainability base in Silicon Valley.

So congratulations to William for becoming our 'Architect of the Week.' That's it for this series of 'Architect of the Week' and we will be back soon with more 'Architect of the Week.' Stay tuned to ArchitectWeekly with the Time Tunnel coming in February.

Tom Marland
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