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Best Roof in the World?


Now, I now instantly what you are thinking! 'Are you seriously writing an article about the best roof in the world?' Well, you bet I am, because this roof is really quite special! I'm not going to leave you guessing any longer. What we, at ArchitectWeekly, think is the best roof in the world is...

The British Musuem

Copyright: Ryan Holland (C) 2012
Copyright: Ryan Holland (C) 2012
Lets begin with a brief history of the British Museum to start us off. The British Museum is in London and contains between 8 and 9 million pieces of history. It is a huge building! In 1753 the British Museum was established and it wasn't until early 1759 that the building was finally open to the public. At the time it mainly contained the vast collections of physicist Sir Hans Sloane.

There are 9 departments within the building now ranging from Greece to Coins and Medals. The full list is below:

  • Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan
  • Department of Greece and Rome
  • Department of the Middle East
  • Department of Prints and drawings
  • Department of Prehistory and Europe
  • Department of Asia
  • Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas
  • Department of Coins and Medals
  • Department o Conservation and scientific Research

As you can see, there are an extensive range of artifacts relating to all periods in history. Now, I must remember this is an architectural article not a historical one so we shall press on with this roof!

Added in 1999 and completed on 6th December 2000 the 'Great Court' roof was devised by Lord Norman Foster when he won an architectural competition that aimed to regenerate the lost center of the vast building. The principles of the roof are very simple. The roof is actually a complex geodesic structure. A central column, the reading library, is connected to the four outer walls. The roof is curved and constantly pitched, this means that the more pressure that is loaded on top of the structure, then the more stable it becomes. The final results are breathtaking and there is a clear distinction between the old and new, both as breathtaking as each other. The modern glide of the roof compared with the clearly defined and regimented straight lines of the neoclassical building are stunning.

Copyright: Ryan Holland (C) 2012
Copyright: Ryan Holland (C) 2012
So we near the end, do you think this is possibly the best roof in the world, let me know in the comments section below.

The ArchitectWeekly Team

Published: 13.01.13 at 13:20
Writer: Ryan Holland, CEO
Editor: Tom Marland, Editor

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