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Welcome to an all new series of Architect of the Week! Over the next four weeks we will be showcasing four 'legends' from the world of Architecture. The first coveted award goes to Foster and Partners!

Founded and led by Norman Foster, Foster and Partners is a British architecture firm, most notably known for their construction of modernist glass and steel buildings. The company was founded in 1967 by Norman Foster. Their main architects are Lord Norman Foster himself and Mouzhan Majidi who is an Iranian born architect and CEO of Foster and Partners. 

Beijing International Airport, China
Foster and Partners have a extensive portfolio, ranging from international airports, such as the Beijing Capital International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport (Chek Lap Kok Airport) to the Gherken in London. Their portfolio also includes the Milliau Viaduct in France, which is still the tallest structure in the world. To see their full portfolio then click here to visit their official website.
City Hall, London
File:Reichstag Berlin P10100333.JPG
The Reichstag Building in Germany of which Foster and Partners lead the reconstruction

Megastructures (National Geographic Channel)

Megastructures 2 (National Geographic Channel)

For such an impressive portfolio of work, Foster and Partners have earned a number of awards. These are as follows:
So congratulations to Foster and Partners for being our first Architects of the Week for this series. We will be back next week!

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