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Well then,  this is our final article of the 3rd series of 'Architect of the Week', hasn't it gone quickly! This week our winners are AEW Architects of Manchester. AEW Architrects are a well established British Architecture firm with a strong team of respected architects and associates. The practice has designed many different types of buildings, ranging from accommodation facilities to Industrial Units and Leisure facilities.  

Museum of Liverpool
AEW has an extensive portfolio of buildings including the new Museum of Liverpool above which is now one of the cities prime landmarks. Other buildings AEW have designed are a Royal School for the Deaf, the proposed Thai Stadium in Thailand and the £4 million Redgrave Institute. AEW was also responsible for the design of the popular fast food chain McDonald's as they get renovated. You can view their whole portfolio by clicking here.

So, congratulations to AEW Architects for being our final Architects of the Week for this series. Stay tuned for more great articles coming soon! If you want to visit the AEW Architects website for more information, please click here.

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