The Architecture of New York City


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Today we are looking at the architecture of New York City! First off, New York is a mainly high rise city, with its famous skyline, it has a well known and defined association with the skyscraper. Since the city is surrounded by water, New York has one of the largest concentrations of skyscrapers in one place, as well as having the most varied styles of skyscraper!

New York City Skyline
New York Cities most well known buildings are the Empire State building and the Chrysler Building with there famous Art Deco inspired architecture. The first building with an internationally influenced design was the Seagram Building, built in 1957. Its distinctive facade of bronze toned I-Beams accentuates the design of the building and is very impressive! The Conde Nast building, which was finished in 2000, is a great example of how Green Architecture  can be incorporated into an American Skyscraper. They ensured that the building would not require any (or very little) heating and cooling all year round. They did this by ingeniously adapting existing engineering models and adding in features such as high-performance insulation and shaded curtain walling.

In New York's suburbs, residential buildings are mostly defined by their brownstone rowhouses, town houses and tenements, all built during New York's rapid expansion between 1870 and 1930. In areas such as Riverdale, the Bronx and Brooklyn, most houses where built with a Tudor Revival and Victorian style. After 1835, stone and brick became the main building materials in the city after many of the wooden framed houses did not survive the 1835 Great Fire. 

Typical Brownstone Row Houses Found in New York City
High Rise Buildings in New York City

New York has two main concentrations of High Rise building, Midtown Manhattan and Lower Manhattan  both of which have distinctively unique skylines. Midtown Manhattan  or the Central District, is home to the more well known buildings, such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Lower Manhattan was dominated by the the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, but these where later replaced by the brand new World Trade center Building (pictured below) after the major Terrorist Attacks in 2001. Since then, the area has undergone rapid redevelopment with the near completion of the new One World Trade Center. 
The New York World Building, New York's first World's Tallest Building
New York has been the home to 10 of the worlds tallest buildings over the years of which half of them have now been demolished. The First worlds tallest building in New York was the New York World Building built in 1890 with the last worlds tallest building being the World Trade Center which was finished in 1987.
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