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Welcome to the last installment of 'Architect of the Week'. We would like to proudly crown Daniel Libeskind as the Architect of the Week. Daniel Lieskind was born in Łódź, Poland in the year 1946. Daniel mainly concentrates on projects that are modern and contemporary in design. He freely explores the areas of architecture that are not fully realised as such. The use of geometric and irregular shapes that are inter-combined is a particular design style that he excels at.

Royal Institute of British Architects International Award (twice)Daniel has won many awards for his architectural designs including -

  1. Gold Medal in Architecture at the National Arts Club
  2. American Institute of Architects Medal for Highest Scholastic Achievement
Military History Museum, Dresden, Germany
File:L Tower Toronto 04 Jun 2013.jpg
L Tower, Toronto, Canada is currently just finishing Construction and is due to open this Summer 
Daniel has a large portfolio containing many buildings that are still under construction, or that are proposed for future developments. Daniel has designed and implemented many museums throughout his architectural career, including the Imperial War Museum North, Manchester. The main idea behind the design was to make it look like fragments of broken shrapnel, like what you would find within a war zone.

Daniel also designed the Jewish Museum in Berlin (or locally called, Jüdisches Museum Berlin) which has a significant meaning to Daniel as his family was heavily affected by the Holocaust. Daniel has also designed a number of educational facilities, offices blocks and entertainment facilities. To view the rest of Daniel's please click here.

Imperial War Museum North, Manchester, United Kingdom
File:CityCenter - East - 2010-03-05.jpg
City Center, Las Vegas, United States
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