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Sosnowski is located in Tempe, Arizona. Designed by the critically acclaimed architecture firm Chen + Suchart Studio. The brief was to design an ultra-modern two story villa complex, complete with new technological innovations and luxurious finishes. We, at ArchitectWeekly, think that they may have just about succeeded in this aim...

As you can see, the main weight of the building is supported on a concrete plinth, of which an outer 'exo-skin' is used to add strength and aesthetical qualities. Windows are strategically placed at intervals between the i-beams of the steel 'casing'. These windows offer spectacular views over Tempe, Arizona. Stepping stones at the front of the building provide a fun element to an otherwise quite serious property. They are most likely a welcome addition if small children are visiting for the weekend.

A cosy like quality was created by the architect with the subtle use of a combined kitchen, living and dining area on the ground floor. This is in direct contrast to the upstairs which has a more industrial quality. Some people may find this unusual since the ground floor is so beautifully furnished, with 'soft' fixtures and fittings, but we think that it works remarkably well. A balcony adjoined to the rear of the property provides the perfect vantage point to sip a refreshing drink under the desert sun.

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Published: 07.06.13 at 15:21
Writor: Ryan Holland, CEO
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