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Why was the Bauhaus Movement so Important for Modern Architecture?

Bauhaus or to give it it's full name of Staatliches Bauhaus is actually the name of the design school that taught the famous style of design and architecture. The school was originally based in the Weimar Republic until 1925, then moved to Dessau until 1932 and then in the final few months of its existence it was based in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Bauhaus College in Dessau, Germany Even though the design influences of the school are clearly architectural, the school did not actually have an architecture department. Instead, they explored the fundamentals of the style through the use of artistic works such as paintings and  The school insisted on using only primary colors; red, blue and yellow for the vast majority of their artistic works. This color palette, coupled with very simple geometric shapes, led to a distinctive look for the Bauhaus style. The Bauhaus also aimed to expand their influence by designing many household items, such as clocks, kitchenwar

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