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Rear Elevation - Rendered Graphic

The building's full-fledged relationship with natural light is exquisitely balanced with privacy. The roadside windows let daylight illuminate the living room and the second-floor bedrooms, but their positioning makes it impossible for an outsider to grasp interior activities. 

The roof is camouflaged with grass and for the house to be even more blended into the natural environment, it is constructed with black metalwork and wood. The entire structure is molded with concrete as a singular sculptural piece. 

The residence is situated at close range from the street, leaving the big portion of the territory at disposal of the back yard. The glass doors entering the yard slide horizontally, making the transition into nature seamless. 


Architecture: STIPFOLD
Project Leader: Beka Pkhakadze
Copywriter: Mika Motskobili
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Type: Residential
Area: 500 sq m
Year: 2017
Status: In Progress
Rear Garden - Rendered Graphic

Front Elevation - Rendered Graphic

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

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