5 Best Architecture Firms in Brisbane

Looking for top-notch architecture firms in Brisbane? You’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts has spent countless hours researching, analyzing, and comparing to bring you a list of the best in the business.

We’ve dived deep into the industry, considering factors like design aesthetics, client reviews, and project portfolios. Our goal? To help you make an well-informed choice when it comes to choosing the right architecture firm for your next project. So, let’s get started and unveil the 5 best architecture firms in Brisbane that are making waves in the design world.

Ivy + Finch

Best Interior Designer Brisbane | Ivy + Finch Interior Designers

In your search for top-notch architecture firms in Brisbane, the name Ivy + Finch undoubtedly surfaces. This respected firm is more than just an architectural powerhouse. They are visionaries shaping Australia’s cityscapes with cutting-edge designs and advanced technological solutions.

Ivy + Finch has successfully carved a niche for itself in the highly competitive Australian architectural industry. The firm’s unique selling point is its ability to craft structures that blend form and function while keeping a keen eye on the environment. There’s no overlooking their meticulous attention to detail, which is evident in each project they undertake.

Dive a little deeper, and you’ll uncover the firm’s dedication to sustainability. Ivy + Finch’s designs consistently emphasize eco-friendly aspects, making them a forward-thinking leader in the struggle for a more sustainable architectural industry.

Ivy + Finch has a vast portfolio, but you’ll notice each project they do is unique, innovative, and catered to the client’s specific needs. They seem to have a knack for translating visions into tangible reality. And their clients rave about it.

Looking at a detailed survey of their client reviews, you’ll see a common theme:

Client Satisfaction AspectRating (out of 5)
Quality of Work4.9
Value for Money4.7

These numbers speak volumes about the firm’s client-centric approach.

Ivy + Finch’s influence extends beyond their impressive portfolio and high satisfaction scores. They’ve brought home several top industry awards, evidence of their consistent achievements in design and execution.

Experience the Ivy + Finch difference, and it’s easy to see why they’ve made our list of top architectural firms in Brisbane. Their unparalleled commitment to excellence, sustainability, and client satisfaction sets them apart in the architectural landscape.

Rolling into the next distinguished firm on our list, let’s continue unveiling the architectural marvels that Brisbane has to offer.

Website: https://ivyandfinch.com.au/

Base Architecture

Architect Brisbane | Residential & Commercial Architect | Base Architecture

Moving on from the formidable Ivy + Finch, let’s take a moment to appreciate “Base Architecture”, another industry player significantly shaping Brisbane’s architectural landscape. Continually striving to push architectural boundaries, Base Architecture is renowned for its unique designs, ingenious use of space, and a commitment to resilience. They have a reputation for being not just architects, but problem solvers and creative visionaries.

On your journey through the aesthetic streets of Brisbane, you’re bound to encounter some of Base Architecture’s striking creations. Every project they undertake is steeped in innovation, with each structure embodying a perfect blend of form and function. It’s this standard of excellence that sets them apart from their contemporaries and cements their role as one of the best architecture firms in Brisbane.

An alignment with sustainable practices further makes Base Architecture a favorite choice for environmentally conscious clients. The firm takes an active part in building energy-efficient structures while markedly reducing carbon footprint through mindful design techniques. Their comprehensive, integrated design process encompasses an in-depth understanding of the site specifics, sunlight patterns, and natural airflow, creating homes that are not just beautiful, but energy-efficient and kind to the environment.

What really strikes you about Base Architecture is their adaptive approach. Each project is treated as a unique challenge, with custom solutions dripped in creativity. They’re not afraid to push the envelope, constantly experimenting with new aesthetic and structural possibilities.

And it’s not just about stunning design or architectural skill. The client’s satisfaction plays a strong role in Base Architecture’s everyday modus operandi. Feedback from clients consistently highlights the firm’s responsiveness, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for exceeding expectations. Their portfolio of numerous industry awards speaks volumes about their commitment to excellent design and outstanding customer experience.

Even a glimpse at their work will leave you appreciating the depth of their architectural flair and the brilliance of their design philosophy. Base Architecture certainly brings a lot to the table, redefining what it means to be an architect and contributing significantly to the architectural silhouette of Brisbane.

Website: https://www.basearchitecture.com.au/

REFRESH*DESIGN Studio for Architecture | West End, Brisbane


As you navigate the architectural landscape of Brisbane, your eye is likely to be drawn by the innovative and distinctive work of REFRESH*DESIGN. Established in the vibrant West End, this firm bolsters Brisbane’s urban identity with its commitment to environmentally responsive and culturally sensitive architecture. Each aspect of their design process honors the city’s rich textual and cultural history while pushing the envelope with contemporary design methodologies.

One look at REFRESH*DESIGN’s portfolio and you’ll see a magnificent blend of honoring the past while embracing the future. This refreshing approach to architecture preserves the city’s cultural identity but also appeals to a grander ecological consciousness that is of increasing importance in today’s world. They’re renowned for their adaptive reuse of existing structures. This practice underscores their commitment to sustainability and reinforces Brisbane’s architectural roots.

A selection of REFRESH*DESIGN’s projects provides ample evidence of their proficiency in creating distinctive, sustainable designs. Here are three remarkable examples:

  • The West End House: A heritage-listed Queenslander that was painstakingly restored and reimagined as a modern dwelling. It’s a testament to their commitment to heritage conservation.
  • The Glass Box: Known as the ‘jewel of Brisbane,’ this outstanding commercial building is awash in natural light, demonstrating REFRESH*DESIGN’s ability to integrate aesthetically pleasing design with energy-efficient solutions.
  • The Mon Repos Turtle Centre: An eco-sensitive building designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Its creation is a nod to REFRESH*DESIGN’s ethos of responsible architecture.

REFRESH*DESIGN’s reputation as a leading architecture firm in Brisbane is underscored by its numerous industry awards. The company holds an impressive list of accolades for sustainability and design excellence. Their unique approach does more than just enhancing Brisbane’s architectural character. It defines a standard for environmentally sensitive, culturally respectful architecture that resonates well beyond the borders of Brisbane.

Website: http://www.refreshdesign.com.au/

dion seminara architecture

dion seminara architecture | Brisbane QLD

Speaking of leading architecture firms in Brisbane, Dion Seminara Architecture is another name that’s hard to miss. Known for its innovative design solutions and bespoke architecture, this firm’s brilliance lies in their ability to balance aesthetic appeal, functionality and sustainability.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Dion Seminara, the mastermind behind the firm, has made an overwhelming impact on Brisbane’s architectural landscape. You’d appreciate how diligently they work towards creating designs that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also are environmentally responsible and cater to your specific lifestyle needs.

Incorporating features like solar orientation, cross-ventilation and energy-efficient materials into their designs, Dion Seminara Architecture shows that going green and preserving the beauty and integrity of our environment doesn’t mean compromising on style or luxury.

Diving deeper into the notable projects credited to them, the Coorparoo House stands out. An impeccable example of their innate design intuition, it’s a modern, light-filled dwelling that offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape without disturbing the natural serenity.

If we take a look at their most recent works, the Taringa Treehouse masterfully reflects the firm’s commitment to creating harmonious spaces that embrace the beauty of nature. Transformed from an old post-war home into a stunning treehouse-inspired building, this project captures the true essence of Dion Seminara Architecture’s design philosophy.

Their accolades are not something to bypass either. Over the years, they’ve been the recipient of numerous industry awards, including the 2017 HIA Australian GreenSmart Renovation/Addition Project. It’s a testament to their continued commitment to producing top-quality, sustainable designs.

While REFRESH*DESIGN defined a certain standard, Dion Seminara Architecture has carved out a unique niche of its own in the Brisbane architectural scene. Also, their relentless drive for quality, innovation, and sustainability offers an exciting glimpse into Brisbane’s architectural potential.

Website: https://dsarchitecture.com.au/

​Evoke Architects

Evoke Architecture

As you investigate deeper into Brisbane’s top architectural firms, another noteworthy design studio to consider is Evoke Architects. Known for its meticulously executed, design-focused approach, this firm has carved out a significant space in the architecture scene. With a rich 25-year history, Evoke Architects brings a wealth of experience and a broad array of design skills.

Their expertise spans different traditional and modern architectural styles as well as various sectors including residential, commercial, hospitality, and public works. This reflects the firm’s versatile commitment to adapt to different client needs while ensuring high quality and aesthetically pleasing design.

One key project that truly encapsulates Evoke Architects’ design approach is the Balmoral High-set. Designed to address the needs for comfort, livability, and energy-efficiency, Balmoral High-set stands as a testament to their design ingenuity.

Equipped with features such as energy-efficient materials and solar orientation like Dion Seminara Architecture, Evoke Architects exhibits it’s commitment to sustainability without compromising on design aesthetics. But, what sets them apart is their distinctive design aesthetic that strikes a balance between contemporary designs and timeless elegance.

Their recognition and accolades further prove their standing in Brisbane’s architectural field. In 2020 alone, Evoke Architects bagged multiple awards including the HIA Brisbane Custom Built Home and HIA Brisbane Renovation/Addition Project honors.

2020HIA Brisbane Custom Built Home
2020HIA Brisbane Renovation/Addition Project

As you continue to explore Brisbane’s architectural landscape, Evoke Architects certainly stands out as a firm committed to innovation, versatile design approaches, and sustainable practices. Their consistent achievements in various architectural sectors indeed indicate the firm’s promise in continuing to shape Brisbane’s architectural scene.

Website: https://i.ibb.co/H7dtYHR/Evoke-Architects.jpg

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Architecture Firms in Brisbane

Identifying the top architecture firms in a bustling, dynamic city like Brisbane wasn’t merely a snap decision. It required a detailed and methodical approach. So, let’s investigate into how we determined what qualifies a firm to be included as a leader in this space.

To ensure a comprehensive and unbiased ranking, we used key performance indicators. Our assessments revolved around three major facets:

  1. Experience and Reputation: We looked at the firm’s historical performance, overall experience in the industry, and their reputation among clients. We dove into online reviews, interviewed construction partners, and scrutinized past projects.
  2. Project Diversity: An architect’s ability to handle diverse projects—ranging from residential, commercial, hospitality, to public works—is a telltale sign of their industry competence. We also evaluated their versatility in blending contemporary styles with timeless elegance, especially in projects that demand both comfort and energy efficiency.
  3. Commitment to Sustainability: Last, but definitely not least, we explored each firm’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Parameters such as usage of energy-efficient materials and implementation of solar orientation in projects significantly impact our rankings.

Firms that demonstrated strength in all these aspects made our list. Each was then ranked based on the collective weight of these factors.

For instance, Evoke Architects, with their 25-year history and recent accolades like the 2020 HIA Brisbane Custom Built Home and Renovation/Addition Project awards, clearly showed their dedication to innovative, versatile, and sustainable design practices. It’s this committed approach that positioned them as one of the key players shaping Brisbane’s architectural landscape.

A careful analysis of this kind ensures that not only are the top architecture firms recognized, but it also provides you, the reader, with a better understanding of how to evaluate quality and value in what each firm has to offer.

Remember, the best architecture firms are those that consistently deliver quality work, cultivate a stellar reputation, demonstrate versatility, and show a strong commitment to sustainability.


So, you’ve now got a solid understanding of the top architecture firms in Brisbane. You’ve seen how Evoke Architects and others stand out with their innovative and sustainable designs. Remember, when you’re on the hunt for an architecture firm, it’s not just about their portfolio. It’s also about their experience, their commitment to sustainability, and their ability to handle a diverse range of projects. With this knowledge, you’re well-equipped to make an well-informed choice. Brisbane’s architectural scene is vibrant and diverse, and these firms are leading the way. Now, it’s your turn to be a part of this exciting landscape.

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