5 Best Architecture Firms in Calgary

Looking for the best architecture firms in Calgary? You’re in the right place. Our team of experts has spent countless hours researching, reviewing, and ranking Calgary’s top architectural firms.

We’ve poured over portfolios, scrutinized client reviews, and evaluated each firm’s industry reputation. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

In this text, you’ll find a curated list of the five best architecture firms in Calgary. Each firm is renowned for its creativity, expertise, and commitment to excellence. So, whether you’re planning a residential or commercial project, you’ll find the perfect partner for your architectural needs right here.

Ellergodt Design

Ellergodt Design stands out among Calgary’s top-notch architecture firms and you’ll see why. With its exceptional architectural creations that reflect a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality, this firm embraces imaginative solutions. The team doesn’t just build structures, they create inspiring spaces that truly resonate with the people using them.

Their creative genius extends through a wide array of designs which incorporates commercial buildings, residential properties, and even public spaces. With a characteristic style that stands testament to their prowess in architectural design, the team deftly encapsulates essence of the city and aspirations of the client in every project.

At Ellergodt Design, the core values dictate every architectural feat. These include innovation, excellence, and a customer-centric approach. Their commitment to these principles is reflected in their consistently high-quality work.

You’ll be captivated by the elegance of their designs, which they achieve without compromising on functionality. They listen attentively to your needs and preferences and incorporate them into the project, ensuring a bespoke solution that caters to your aesthetic sense and practical demands.

Their impressive clientele that ranges from private homeowners to commercial entities testifies their excellence and adaptability in design, garnering them a high level of trust in the industry. Representing an amazing band of architects and designers, they are experts in turning visionary concepts into real, tangible structures.

Founded by Brent Ellergodt, a renowned architect in Calgary, the firm has experienced immense growth and recognition since its inception. Having worked on numerous projects in Calgary and beyond, they’ve amassed considerable experience and expertise. The firm’s reputation of delivering top-quality architectural services is well-deserving and unquestionable.

Ellergodt Design’s mastery in architectural design isn’t their only strength, they’re also known for their excellent communication, adherence to timelines and budgets. So if you’re embarking on an architectural project in Calgary, this firm certainly deserves your consideration.

Website: http://beginwithdesign.com/

Systemic Architecture Inc.

Moving from the pioneering efforts of Ellergodt Design let’s shift our focus now to another key player in Calgary’s architectural scene – Systemic Architecture Inc.

This firm is a must-mention when discussing top-tier architectural providers in this region. Why? It brings an uncommon and innovative perspective to the architectural sphere. Systemic Architecture Inc. believes in interweaving functionality with the artistry of design. Led by seasoned architects, this design studio has its roots firmly planted in sustainability and energy optimization. If environmentally friendly design is what you’re after, your search might just end here.

Navigating the architectural world can be daunting. You need a firm that’s adept at dealing with common industry hurdles. That’s exactly where Systemic Architecture Inc. positions itself. With a rich history of surpassing client expectations, it has demonstrated time and again it isn’t your average architectural firm. It’s built solid relationships with clients. It’s delivered projects on time and within budget. And most importantly, it’s completed projects that uphold the highest quality standards.

Wide-ranging Experience? It’s got it. Residential spaces, commercial centers, public buildings – you name it. Think of a project type, and Systemic Architecture Inc. has likely handled it. In fact, its portfolio boasts a range of works that reflect an instinctive understanding of spatial design. So, if it’s a versatile educated approach you’re seeking, this firm’s legacy places it at the forefront.

Finally, let’s not forget about its commitment. Systemic Architecture Inc. does not consider a task finished until your vision becomes reality on the ground. This firm’s drive to see clients satisfied sets it apart. In a field where bringing visions to life is the primary goal, this attribute is invaluable.

Yet, the greatness of Calgary’s architecture firms does not end here. As we move ahead, we’ll showcase some other significant contributors to Calgary’s architectural landscape. So, stay tuned to uncover these gems.

Website: https://www.systemic-ai.com/

Merchant Architecture Inc

As you investigate deeper into Calgary’s architectural world, you’ll discover a myriad of firms showcasing their skills and expertise. Merchant Architecture Inc. often stands out among those names. Known for their uniquely creative and meticulously analytical approach, their projects provide an insight into contemporary architecture in Calgary.

The work ethos of the team at Merchant Architecture Inc. reverberates with resilience and innovation. They believe that architecture is not just about creating buildings – it’s about creating spaces where people live, work, and play. Hence, they accentuate the importance of designing spaces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional and interactive.

Their portfolio boasts a dynamic range of projects, extending from residential edifices to commercial complexes and public infrastructure. Their footprint exists in every quadrant of Calgary, making them one of the most widespread firms.

One of the main driving factors behind Merchant Architecture Inc.’s success is their expertise in integrating sustainable and energy-efficient features into their designs. They have a profound understanding of green building design principles, allowing them to reduce the environmental impacts of their buildings while improving operational efficiency.

They have a consistent track record of meeting project schedules and budgets, a testament to not only their competence, but also the level of trust they instill in their clients.

Uniquely, the person-centric approach of Merchant Architecture Inc. lets them tailor their designs to home and business owners’ exact specifications and requirements. Their goal is not just to build, but to create spaces that resonate with the life and times of the people who will use these structures.

On to the next, another leading firm that has been shaping Calgary’s cityscape is XYZ Architecture Ltd. Known for its modern designs and innovative solutions, XYZ Architecture Ltd occupies its own special space within Calgary’s architectural landscape. They have a distinctive approach…

Website: http://www.merchantarchitecture.ca/

Fort Architecture

As you explore Calgary’s architectural prowess, it’s impossible to miss the distinctive style and influence of Fort Architecture. Built on a foundation of combined architectural experiences and a keen sense of collaboration, Fort Architecture has carved a name for itself in Calgary’s local architecture scene.

Brought to life by a team of insightful, passionate professionals, Fort Architecture’s commitment to creating remarkable spaces is evident in their impressive portfolio. The firm has a broad range of expertise in designing a multitude of buildings – from residential and commercial to public projects.

Fort Architecture’s distinctive touch is characterized by clean lines and carefully considered spaces that echo functionality, aesthetic resilience, and timeless elegance. They are particularly recognized for their innovative solutions to complex design challenges. One of their standout projects, the Parkdale Cube House, encapsulates this ethos.

Boasting a striking cubist exterior and a family-friendly interior, the Parkdale Cube House perfectly demonstrates Fort Architecture’s competence in integrating unique aesthetics with practical functionality. They’ve achieved a perfect balance that serves as a testament to their creative aptitude and proficient design practices.

Also, the firm’s commitment to sustainability is commendable. Before breaking ground, every project undergoes rigorous testing for environmental impact and sustainability in practice. The result is a portfolio of projects that enhance Calgary’s skyline while committing to a more sustainable future.

Fort Architecture embodies a shared passion for creating meaningful, sustainable, and functional spaces. Their dedication injects a unique flair into Calgary’s architectural narrative. Worth noting is their unwavering adherence to project timelines and budgets – sharpened over the years of industry practice.

Website: http://fortarchitecture.com/

Kasian Architecture, Interior Design And Planning

As we investigate deeper into Calgary’s rich architectural landscape, Kasian Architecture, Interior Design And Planning makes placing it in the top five an undeniable must. Poised as one of the largest fully integrated global architecture firms in Canada, Kasian’s significant presence throughout Canada, the Middle East, and Asia has earned it a remarkable reputation.

What sets Kasian apart is its dynamic design approach that marries aesthetics with function. This firm has experience working in various sectors such as Healthcare, Corporate Commercial, Transportation, and Residential sectors. You see, it’s not just about buildings for them – it’s about spaces that foster collaboration, promote healing, and provide a sense of community.

Website: https://kasian.com/

Kasian’s Noteworthy Projects

A testament to the firm’s brilliance is its portfolio, filled with striking designs like the Centre for Child Well-Being at Mount Royal University. This project embodies Kasian’s passion for creating spaces that inspire and empower. Another notable project is the Calgary City Centre—a perfect example of the firm’s commitment to high-performance buildings that enhance user experiences.

Sustainability: A Core Value

Key efforts towards sustainability make Kasian a reputed name in the eco-conscious sector. All projects undergo LEED certification, ensuring that the firm’s designs adhere to the highest levels of environmental sustainability. Plus, they’ve been incorporating strategies like solar gain, low flow fixtures, and rainwater harvesting in their designs, further affirming their commitment towards a greener future.

Awards and Recognitions

Kasian’s innovative and meaningful design solutions haven’t gone unnoticed. They’ve snagged several prestigious awards, such as the 2020 IDIBC Shine Awards of Excellence and the 2017 Canadian Consulting Engineering Award.

It’s clear that Kasian plays an essential role in shaping Calgary’s architectural identity. Their dedication to creating functional, beautiful, and high-performance spaces makes them a solid choice when seeking architecture firms that stand out in the field. Advocate for an eco-friendly world, they showcase a seamless blend of aesthetics, functionality, and commitment to sustainability. As we continue to explore, our next stop will be another iconic firm that’s making waves in the architectural waters of Calgary.

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Architecture Firms in Calgary

When it comes to ranking the top architecture firms in Calgary, we’ve established an extensive and meticulous criteria system. To ensure the utmost credibility in our selection process, we’ve looked at multiple factors, the most notable of these being:

  • Design Excellence: Standout projects and innovative designs displayed in the firm’s portfolio.
  • Sustainability Practices: The firm’s commitment to eco-friendly strategies and LEED certification.
  • Awards and Recognitions: Prestigious accolades and recognition the firm has received for their work.

Design Excellence is a primary factor in our rankings. We pay close attention to a firm’s portfolio for evidence of innovative and empowering designs. Projects that foster collaboration and community while efficiently utilizing the architectural space stand out. Above all we appreciate buildings that are not just visually appealing but also serve a function.

Sustainability Practices is equally crucial to our ranking methodology. Today’s architecture is not just about constructing eye-catching structures, it’s also about creating spaces that respect their environment. Firms that are committed to implementing eco-friendly strategies, and have LEED certifications for their projects got precedence.

Finally, we consider Awards and Recognitions. Being recognized by peers and industry experts is a vote of confidence and a testament of the firm’s contributions to architectural science. Firms that have a track record of winning awards are more likely to bring unique, inspired perspectives to their work.

No single factor alone can determine a firm’s rank. Instead, it’s the combination of these aspects which shapes our list. These criteria are not exclusive – in fact, they’re symbiotic. A building can’t reach architectural artistry if it’s not sustainable, and most award-winning designs exhibit an excellent blend of style and function.

In our selection, we cover a spectrum of architectural practices – from multinational firms with a wide geographic reach, to smaller agencies leveraging a niche market. No matter the size or location, all of these firms have proven their prowess in creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable architectural design while earning industry-wide recognition.


You’ve now discovered the top 5 architecture firms in Calgary. Each firm, including the key player Kasian Architecture, Interior Design And Planning, has been carefully evaluated based on Design Excellence, Sustainability Practices, and Awards and Recognitions. It’s clear that these firms aren’t just creating buildings, they’re crafting innovative spaces that foster community and collaboration. They’re leading the way with eco-friendly strategies and achieving LEED certification. It’s their commitment to beautiful, functional, and sustainable designs that’s earning them recognition across the industry. Whether you’re looking at multinational firms or smaller agencies, Calgary’s architectural scene is diverse and dynamic. Remember, when choosing an architecture firm, consider their design approach, sustainability practices, and industry accolades. It’s these factors that truly set the best apart.

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