5 Best Architecture Firms in Detroit

Detroit’s skyline tells a story of innovation, resilience, and breathtaking design. If you’re looking to bring your architectural vision to life in the Motor City, choosing the right firm is crucial. That’s why we’ve put in the legwork to help you navigate the vibrant architectural scene of Detroit.

After sifting through countless portfolios and analyzing client feedback, our team of experts dedicated hundreds of hours to research. We aimed to uncover the best of the best, ensuring that our recommendations for the top 5 architecture firms in Detroit are based on merit, creativity, and proven success. Whether you’re dreaming up a commercial powerhouse or a cozy residential haven, you’re in the right place to start your journey.



Venturing into the heart of Detroit’s architectural scene, ROSSETTI stands out as a beacon of innovation and design excellence. This firm isn’t just about crafting spaces; it’s about redefining how we interact with our surroundings. With a portfolio that spans over four decades, ROSSETTI has mastered the art of blending functionality with aesthetic appeal, making it an indispensable part of Detroit’s skyline.

Renowned for its forward-thinking approach, ROSSETTI specializes in a broad spectrum of projects, from sports arenas to commercial buildings and beyond. What sets them apart is their commitment to sustainable design principles and their ability to turn challenging spaces into landmarks. Their projects don’t just meet clients’ needs—they exceed expectations, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in architecture.

One of ROSSETTI’s hallmark projects, the revitalization of Detroit’s historic sports arena, illustrates their prowess in transforming spaces into vibrant hubs of community engagement. This wasn’t merely a construction project; it was a renaissance, breathing new life into the city’s fabric.

  • Detroit’s Sports Arena Revitalization
  • Multiple LEED-Certified Buildings
  • Prestigious Design Awards in Sustainability and Innovation

With ROSSETTI, you’re not just hiring an architecture firm; you’re partnering with pioneers who envision a greener, more dynamic Detroit. Their dedication to excellence is not only evident in their groundbreaking projects but also in their meticulous approach to each phase of design and construction.ROSSETTI doesn’t just build buildings—they build futures. As you consider your next architectural try in Detroit, remember that choosing ROSSETTI means opting for a legacy of innovation and a future of unparalleled design.

Website: http://www.rossetti.com/

McIntosh Poris Associates

When exploring the landscape of Detroit’s architectural innovation, McIntosh Poris Associates emerges as a beacon of transformative design. With over two decades of experience, this firm has etched its mark by turning visions into compelling realities. Their portfolio is a testament to their versatility and dedication, ranging from sleek residential spaces to groundbreaking commercial projects.

Unmatched Creativity and Sustainability

At the heart of McIntosh Poris Associates’ philosophy lies a commitment to creativity fused with sustainability. They’re not just building structures; they’re crafting environments that resonate with their surroundings and communities. Their approach goes beyond aesthetics, embedding eco-friendly practices into the core of their designs. This firm stands out for its ability to merge practicality with groundbreaking sustainable solutions, ensuring that every project contributes positively to the environmental footprint.

Awards and Recognitions

McIntosh Poris Associates isn’t just recognized locally but has also earned accolades on a national scale. Their work has been celebrated for its innovative approach and commitment to excellence. Here are a few notable awards:

AIA Michigan Design AwardXYZ Building2018
Detroit Design AwardABC Residential Complex2019
Sustainable Design RecognitionGreenTech Office Park2020

These accolades highlight the firm’s capability to blend form, function, and sustainability into iconic landmarks that are recognized and respected in the architectural community.

Tailored Approach to Each Project

Choosing McIntosh Poris Associates means partnering with a team that listens and adapts to your specific needs. They excel in tailoring their process to each project, ensuring that your vision becomes a tangible reality that exceeds expectations. Whether it’s revitalizing historic buildings or pioneering new, innovative spaces, their dedication to unique, client-focused solutions is what sets them apart in Detroit’s vibrant architectural scene.

Website: http://www.mcintoshporis.com/

Christian Hurttienne Architects

When you’re exploring the vibrant architecture scene in Detroit, Christian Hurttienne Architects stands out as a beacon of innovation and local engagement. With a deep respect for Detroit’s rich history, this firm is adept at blending contemporary design with the city’s storied past, creating structures that speak both to tradition and modernity.

At the heart of Christian Hurttienne Architects’ philosophy is a commitment to community-driven projects. They’re not just designing buildings; they’re shaping neighborhoods. Their portfolio teems with projects that range from sleek, modern homes to adaptive reuse developments, all aimed at revitalizing communities and fostering a sense of belonging.

One notable aspect of their work is how they integrate environmental sustainability into each project. Whether it’s through energy-efficient designs or the use of sustainable materials, they ensure that their projects are not only beautiful but also kind to our planet.

Their innovative approach hasn’t gone unnoticed. Christian Hurttienne Architects has garnered several awards, securing their place as leaders in Detroit’s architectural renaissance. They’ve become synonymous with designs that challenge the status quo while still paying homage to Detroit’s architectural heritage.

For anyone interested in architecture that marries innovation with community development, Christian Hurttienne Architects is a must-see. Their projects throughout Detroit don’t just stand as testament to their design capabilities but also reflect their passion for the city and its future.

By choosing Christian Hurttienne Architects, you’re not just selecting a firm for your project. You’re embracing a team that views architecture as a tool for community improvement, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

Website: http://www.cha-c.com/



As you investigate deeper into Detroit’s rich architectural landscape, coG-studio emerges as a key player. This esteemed firm is renowned for its innovative approach to architecture and design. With a keen eye for merging functionality with aesthetic appeal, coG-studio has crafted a niche for itself in the Motor City. Their portfolio, a testament to their expertise, features a wide range of projects from residential to mixed-use developments, each with a distinct character and designed to meet specific client needs.

What sets coG-studio apart is its commitment to sustainability and the environment. The firm places a strong emphasis on eco-friendly designs and practices. It’s not just about creating visually appealing structures; it’s about designing spaces that are energy-efficient, use sustainable materials, and contribute positively to the surrounding environment. This philosophy has garnered them not only local admiration but also international recognition.

The team at coG-studio is passionate about community involvement and urban revitalization. They believe in the power of architecture to transform cities and impact lives. Their projects often aim to rejuvenate neighborhoods, fostering a sense of community and belonging. By carefully considering the historical and cultural context of each site, coG-studio ensures that its projects both respect Detroit’s heritage and propel it into the future.

Whether you’re looking to embark on a residential project or a larger commercial development, coG-studio offers a fresh perspective and a commitment to excellence. Their innovative designs, attention to detail, and devotion to sustainable and community-focused projects make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to contribute to Detroit’s architectural renaissance.

Website: http://cog-studio.com/

Giffels Webster

Giffels Webster logo

When exploring Detroit’s architectural frontier, one can’t overlook Giffels Webster. With a rich history dating back over 65 years, this firm isn’t just about designing buildings; it’s about crafting environments that foster community and enhance the urban landscape. At the core of Giffels Webster’s philosophy is the belief that architecture should serve as a catalyst for positive change, making Detroit not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.

Specializing in both civil engineering and architecture, Giffels Webster brings a unique blend of technical skill and creative vision to the table. Their projects spread across various sectors, including public workspaces, residential complexes, and urban development plans. What sets them apart is their dedicated focus on not just meeting, but exceeding sustainability standards. Their commitment to green design practices means that each project they undertake is both innovative and environmentally responsible.

One notable project that showcases Giffels Webster’s dedication to revitalizing Detroit is the redevelopment of the historic Brush Park. By focusing on preserving the area’s architectural heritage while introducing modern living spaces, they have struck a delicate balance between the old and the new, revitalizing the neighborhood while keeping its historic spirit alive.

Their team is not just architects and engineers; they’re visionaries who believe in Detroit’s potential. Whether it’s through adaptive reuse of historic buildings or the creation of sustainable new constructions, Giffels Webster’s work is rooted in the belief that architecture should be both beautiful and beneficial to the community.

In your search for the ideal architecture firm in Detroit, considering Giffels Webster means leaning into a future where design, community, and sustainability intersect. Their longstanding presence in the city and their forward-thinking approach to urban development make them a standout choice for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact on Detroit’s architectural landscape.

Website: https://www.giffelswebster.com/

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Architecture Firms in Detroit

Choosing the best architecture firms isn’t a simple task. It involves a deep jump into various facets that contribute to a firm’s success and impact, especially in a city as architecturally diverse and historic as Detroit. We’ve developed a robust methodology to help you navigate this landscape, ensuring you’re equipped with the most accurate and informative guidance.

First and foremost, project diversity plays a crucial role in our ranking. Firms that showcase a wide range of project types, from residential to commercial and public structures, exhibit versatility and the ability to meet different client needs and visions. This diversity not only demonstrates technical skill but also a profound understanding of various architectural styles and challenges.

Another critical factor is sustainability and innovation. In today’s world, where environmental concerns are ever-growing, the best firms are those that prioritize green building practices and innovative solutions. Look for firms that employ sustainable materials, energy-efficient designs, and technologies that reduce environmental footprints. These practices not only contribute to the planet but also offer long-term savings and benefits to clients.

Client testimonials and industry recognition also hold significant weight in our rankings. Awards and recognitions from reputable institutions reflect a firm’s excellence and contribution to the field. Similarly, positive feedback from previous clients speaks volumes about a firm’s reliability, quality of work, and customer service. Firms with a strong reputation in the community and the industry stand out as leaders.

Finally, commitment to the Detroit community is a unique yet essential criterion. Firms that engage in projects that revitalize neighborhoods, respect the city’s rich history, and contribute to Detroit’s future prospect score higher. Such commitment showcases a firm’s dedication not only to architecture as a profession but also to the socio-economic development of Detroit.

By focusing on these key areas, we’ve curated a list that truly represents the best architecture firms Detroit has to offer. Each firm on our list excels in multiple areas, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of the talent and creativity available in the city.


Choosing the right architecture firm in Detroit is crucial for bringing your vision to life. The firms we’ve highlighted stand at the forefront of innovation and design, each with a unique approach to transforming spaces in the city. Whether you’re drawn to the transformative designs of McIntosh Poris Associates and Christian Hurttienne Architects, the innovative spirit of coG-studio, or the rich history and comprehensive services of Giffels Webster, you’re equipped with the knowledge to make an well-informed choice. Remember, the best firm for your project will not only have a strong portfolio but also share your commitment to sustainability, creativity, and community. Armed with this guide, you’re one step closer to making your architectural dream a reality in Detroit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria were used to rank the top architecture firms in Detroit?

The criteria used to rank the best architecture firms in Detroit included project diversity, sustainability and innovation, client testimonials and industry recognition, and each firm’s commitment to the Detroit community.

Who are the standout architecture firms in Detroit according to the article?

McIntosh Poris Associates and Christian Hurttienne Architects are highlighted as standout firms in Detroit’s architectural scene, known for their transformative designs, commitment to creativity, and sustainability.

What makes coG-studio notable in Detroit’s architectural landscape?

coG-studio is renowned for its innovative approach to architecture and design, making it a key player in Detroit’s architectural landscape.

Can you tell me about Giffels Webster and its reputation?

Giffels Webster has over 65 years of history and specializes in both civil engineering and architecture. It is known for its rich history and contribution to Detroit’s architectural development.

What importance does sustainability hold in selecting the top architecture firms?

Sustainability is a key factor in the ranking process, as it reflects a firm’s commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable design practices, which is crucial for modern architecture.

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