5 Best Architecture Firms in Invercargill

Invercargill, a city renowned for its distinctive architecture, is home to a multitude of firms that have shaped its skyline. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which ones truly stand out? We’ve got you covered.

Our team of experts has poured hundreds of hours into researching and vetting these firms. We’ve scrutinized their portfolios, analyzed their designs, and even reached out to past clients to bring you an exclusive list of the top 5 architecture firms in Invercargill.

This isn’t just a list, it’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed choice. Whether you’re looking to build a commercial property or a cozy home, you’ll find the perfect partner in our selection. Stay tuned as we unveil the firms that are not just shaping buildings, but shaping Invercargill’s future.

DEFINE Architecture Limited

Define Architecture Ltd

When it comes to crafting innovative and engaging designs, DEFINE Architecture Limited surely makes an impact. This top-rated firm, nestled in the creative heart of Invercargill, is at the forefront in conceptualizing livable, sustainable, and visually stimulating structures in and around the city.

DEFINE’s team of dedicated architects thrives on challenging conventions. They hold a distinct belief in the transformative power of architecture. With strategic design thinking at the helm, each project results in a thought-provoking embodiment of form and function harmoniously merged.

Define Architecture Limited’s service offerings
Keeping an unwavering eye on quality, DEFINE offers several types of professional installations encompassing residential and commercial architecture. This includes:

  • Full architectural services, right from preliminary design to completion of works
  • Site appraisals and feasibility studies
  • Detail and conceptual design development
  • Planning and building consent applications
  • Contract administration

Notable Projects
Not just defined by name, the firm’s actions echo their claim. With a rich portfolio of successful projects, DEFINE has shaped some of Invercargill’s most iconic buildings. Let’s explore some:

  • “The Brick House” with seamless indoor-outdoor flow
  • “The Gold Light Commercial Building” emphasizing sustainable materials
  • “The Glass Tower” showcasing energetic, contemporary design aesthetics

Each project by DEFINE displays their commitment to delivering architectural solutions that cater to clients’ individual needs while keeping up with global design trends.

Striving to create impactful designs is at the crux of what they do, adding to Invercargill’s growth. This commitment makes DEFINE a firm that isn’t just about building structures but about creating a narrative of progress for our city.

Whether you’re willing to build a commercial property or your dream house in Invercargill, hiring an established firm like DEFINE is a sure way to turn your ideas into an architectural masterpiece. You’ll notice their dedication to detail, the finesse in their execution, or their commitment to sustainability.

Envisage, define, and bring your architectural vision to life with DEFINE Architecture Limited. Their embracing of change and the future of architecture is set to not just shape your buildings, but Invercargill’s growth story too.

Website: http://www.definearchitecture.co.nz/

Husk Design + Draft Ltd

Husk Design + Draft | architectural designer | 368 Dee Street, Avenal,  Invercargill 9810, New Zealand

Shifting focus, Husk Design + Draft Ltd is an architectural marvel of its own right. Known for revamping Invercargill’s building environment, this firm brings a breezy, new-age perspective to the architectural scene.

Renowned for its simplistic yet avant-garde approach towards architecture, Husk has a track record of phenomenal designs, leaving a profound impact on Invercargill’s urban layout. The team strikes a striking balance between old-world charm and futuristic artistry, fostering a unique style that sets it apart from other architecture firms.

Husk Design + Draft Ltd offers a wide range of services. From commercial spaces to residential redesigns, there’s not much outside the Husk purview. The firm’s prowess in tackling diverse project types is testament to their adaptability and technical expertise.

At the heart of Husk is a passion for sustainable architecture, and it’s prominent in its blueprint. Their designs integrate green technologies and renewable resources. With Husk, you know your construction footprint is as minimal as possible.

Like a breath of fresh air, their projects carry an undeniable signature aesthetic. Known projects such as Riverstone House and Terrace Hill Apartments illustrate the firm’s versatility and commitment to quality design. Here’s a glimpse of these two stunning structures:

ProjectKey Highlights
Riverstone HouseAn exemplary display of sustainable residential design with a daring interplay of textures
Terrace Hill ApartmentsAn urban sanctuary, showcasing a blend of luxury and environmental consciousness

In a realm where quality is paramount, Husk delivers without compromise. Harnessing local culture and global trends, it’s established a new paradigm of architectural brilliance. This innovative mindset continues to shape Invercargill, pushing the city towards a progressive future.

With every project, Husk showcases its dedication to its craft, strategic thinking and a deep-rooted understanding of balancing aesthetics and functionality. This sets Husk Design + Draft Ltd apart in the dynamic and competitive architectural landscape of Invercargill.

Website: http://www.huskdd.co.nz/

MAS Architecture Ltd

MAS Architecture Ltd | Architect Design in Invercargill

Moving along our list, you’ll find MAS Architecture Ltd representing a monumental shift in conventional architecture. Famous for their eclectic style, MAS Architecture Ltd has become a stronghold on the Invercargill’s architectural stage.

This firm believes in pushing boundaries, embracing what’s unconventional and never settling for the mundane. The architecture they breathe life into exhibits this spirit, showcasing a blend of creativity, innovation, and uniqueness which is nothing short of extraordinary.

MAS Architecture Ltd excels in various services, with a particular focus on residential and commercial building design, display homes, and urban planning. Their expertise is clearly reflected in their portfolio, with projects like the Glasshouse Apartments and the dynamic Factory Offices displaying their ability to think outside the box.

There’s no denying the effort that goes into creating architectures that make your jaw drop. At MAS, they work diligently, treating each project as an opportunity to create something spectacular. This firm goes beyond design and drafting. They work on construction management, liaising with both client and contractor to ensure a smooth process, eventually delivering quality and efficiency.

MAS Architecture Ltd has a strong commitment to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly solutions into their designs wherever possible. They take environmental considerations into account

Jump into the architectural scene of Invercargill and Mask Architecture Ltd undoubtedly stands out. They’re a driving force in shaping the landscape of this city. Their unconventional approach and commitment to sustainability make them one of the top architectural firms in Invercargill. Their exceptional designs and breakthrough performances continue to set new benchmarks, challenging the standard of architectural brilliance in the city and beyond.

MAS Architecture Ltd, a firm that turns dreams into reality, while proving time and time again their competency in creating functional, sustainable, and most importantly, awe-inspiring spaces. You can only expect scintillating things from them as you further explore the architectural gems in Invercargill.

Next on our list is – you guessed it – another distinguished player in the architectural industry in Invercargill. Let’s turn the page and find out who it is.

Website: https://masarchitecture.co.nz/


Arch Draught – Arch Draught

Moving forward, let’s get acquainted with ArchDraught. A firm that has been carving its place in Invercargill’s architectural scene with its groundbreaking and influential designs. You’ll understand why it’s secure in the top five when you see its portfolio brimming with artistic genius and technical precision.

Not just a firm that gives a new definition to spaces, ArchDraught is known for its bespoke work. Every design is an original masterpiece, each boasting its signature depth and detailing. Whether it’s a sprawling villa or a compact retail space, the projects bear stamp of the ArchDraught’s commitment to aesthetic refinement and functional finesse.

ArchDraught’s Specialities are not just limited to designing residential and commercial projects. They extend to include urban planning and restoration of heritage sites. The firm’s work respects and celebrates the historical essence of sites while integrating modern design philosophy and utilities.

The stunning Finn Building and the conservation of St. George Church are prime examples of their deep-rooted respect for architecture of differing periods and styles.

Significant ProjectsArchitecture Style
Finn BuildingModern
St. George ChurchRestoration

ArchDraught doesn’t limit itself to providing transcending designs. The firm goes the extra mile by incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly solutions into their projects. Solar optimized structures, rainwater harvesting systems, best in class insulation – these are but a few elements in ArchDraught’s green design strategy.

Evidently, ArchDraught is not only an architectural firm. It’s a voracious believer in future-proof and planet-friendly designs. They decode a client’s vision, embellish it with their creative skills, embody the sustainable philosophy and deliver a project that speaks volumes of style, purpose, and accountability.

This is just one more architectural firm in Invercargill that is bold enough to change the game, proving that fresh interpretations and sustainability can be guiding principles in creating transformative spaces! Next, brace yourselves to investigate deep into another fascinating firm that’s painting Invercargill’s architectural scene with its distinctive strokes.

Website: http://archdraught.kiwi/

Design Base Architecture Invercargill

Design Base Architecture

As we continue our journey through the top 5 architecture firms in Invercargill, let’s stop and take a look at another prominent player – Design Base Architecture. Driven by a team of skilled architects and technicians, Design Base Architecture has a profound reputation for designing exceptional structures that blend form with function with a keen eye on sustainability.

Design Base seamlessly merges aesthetic considerations with practical, functional design. This firm thrives on crafting spaces that not only serve a purpose but tell a story. As you walk inside a building designed by this firm, you’ll be captivated by the meticulous detailing and thoughtful planning that goes into every corner. Whether it’s a commercial, residential, or public space, each design radiates uniqueness, elegance, and sheer creativity.

One of their remarkable projects includes the Invercargill Public Library. Underscoring their industrious approach to design, this project transformed a conventional library into a dynamic, inclusive community space – a premier example of Design Base Architecture’s command over designing communal and commercial structures.

Plus to architecture, the firm is equally adept at interior designing. Creating cleverly crafted interiors that are modern, functional, yet charmingly homely is their specialty. Be it a contemporary office space using sustainable materials or a chic boutique hotel, Design Base Architecture is skilled at providing noteworthy design solutions that are eye-catching, functional, and innovative in equal measures.

Sustainability is another core facet of Design Base Architecture’s operation. They believe in crafting sustainable structures that reduce carbon footprints without compromising on the design aesthetics. By using renewable resources and incorporating energy-efficient elements into their designs, they’re a firm that’s truly shaping Invercargill’s architectural landscape for the brighter, sustainable future.

As we investigate deeper into the top architectural firms in Invercargill, it’s clear that Design Base Architecture holds a significant position. Their commitment to creating stunning, practical, and eco-friendly designs is truly admirable and sets a benchmark for others in the industry. In the next section, we’ll progress further and look at another acclaimed architectural firm in Invercargill. So, stay tuned to discover more architectural marvels in the city.

Website: http://www.designbase.co.nz/

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Architecture Firms in Invercargill

To bring you this list of the top architecture firms in Invercargill, we deployed a comprehensive, wound-tight method that leaves no stone unturned. We considered critical aspects: past projects, years in operation, client reviews, design innovation, and an emphasis on sustainability.

When we delved into past projects, we tried to gauge each firm’s ability to handle diverse undertakings. A look at residential properties, commercial buildings, and public spaces yielded insight into firms that can adapt their design skills across varying types of projects.

Past Projects accounted for 25% of a firm’s total score in our ranking system. Looking at a firm’s portfolio gave us a peek behind the curtain, showing how that firm translated client needs into reality.

Years in Operation influenced 20% of the total score. Firms with more years of operation often have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. And while new firms are also creating striking work, longevity in the field provides a certain level of reassurance to clients.

Client Reviews factored in significantly as well, being 25% of the total score. Your satisfaction, after all, is the industry’s lifeblood. Online reviews, client testimonials, and word-of-mouth references played a huge role in how we ranked each firm.

Design Innovation decided 15% of the total score. Innovation is what sets apart a firm from the rest. Incorporating trends, developing unique styles, pioneering in material use, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible are the quintessential qualities of leading-edge architecture firms.

Finally, the Emphasis on Sustainability had the remaining 15% of the total influence on the scores. Eco-friendly elements in design not only reduce environmental impact but also save costs in the long run. Design Base Architecture, for instance, incorporates renewable resources, creating architectural designs that are as beautiful as they are practical.

In synthesizing this information, we brought together facts and figures, clients’ voices, and our personal observations. And although this provided a reliable ranking of Invercargill’s leading architectural firms, remember: the best firm for you will always depend on your unique aesthetic, practical requirements, budget, and personal preferences.


You’ve journeyed through the top 5 architecture firms in Invercargill, each unique in its approach to design and sustainability. These firms stand out due to their impressive portfolios, long-standing industry experience, and rave client reviews. They’ve demonstrated innovation not just in design but also in their commitment to sustainable practices. Remember, the best firm for you hinges on your specific needs and preferences. So, take your time, review your options, and select a firm that aligns with your vision. The perfect architectural partner is out there, ready to turn your dream project into reality in the heart of Invercargill.

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