5 Best Architecture Firms in Navan

When you’re on the hunt for top-notch architecture firms in Navan, it can feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Our team of experts has poured hundreds of hours into researching, comparing, and selecting the best of the best.

We’ve sifted through countless companies, assessing their portfolios, customer reviews, and overall reputation. We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to. So, sit back, relax, and let’s jump into the top 5 architecture firms in Navan that are truly a cut above the rest.

Baxter Design Architectural + Planning

Baxter Design Company | Peterhead

Stepping into the world of Baxter Design Architectural + Planning, you’ll find a firm deeply rooted in a philosophy of innovative design and environmental responsibility. Founded more than 30 years ago, this Navan-based firm provides a comprehensive range of architectural services that are truly second to none.

Baxter Design has managed to build an enviable reputation for delivering high-quality projects, requiring complex problem-solving and inspired design solutions. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or community projects, you’ll see Baxter’s commitment to sustainability, aesthetics, and functionality in every design they create.

Let’s take a gander at the key statistics which make this firm a standout choice among Navan citizens:

Years in Operation30+ years
Types of ProjectsResidential, commercial, community
Key Focus AreasSustainability, aesthetics, functionality

What makes Baxter Design unique, apart from their robust experience and design innovation, is the personalized touch they provide. They aim for an architectural solution that’s individually tailored to your needs and dreams. With Baxter, you’re not just getting an architecture firm, you’re gaining a partner who’ll journey with you from the concept phase right through to project completion.

Baxter Design’s portfolio will introduce you to a stunning range of architectural designs. From sleek and modern to functional and homely, their projects reflect a multitude of architectural styles. The creativity and expertise of their team have established Baxter Design as one of the top architectural firms in Navan.

Here are some of the awards and recognition that Baxter Design has received over the years which further attest to their excellence:

  • Irish Construction Industry Award for Sustainable Project of the Year
  • RIAI Award for Best Health Building
  • Named among “Best Architects” in Irish Home Magazine

More than the accolades, it’s the positive feedback and repeat business from satisfied clients that truly defines Baxter Design. So, if you’re considering an architectural project, Baxter Design Architectural + Planning should top your list for consideration.

Website: https://baxter-design-architectural-planning.business.site/

D Mc Elroy Designs

File:Weebly logo 2013.png - Wikimedia Commons

Next on the list of top Navan architecture firms is D Mc Elroy Designs. Along with Baxter Design Architectural + Planning that we’ve already discussed, D Mc Elroy has made a name for itself with a deep commitment to clients and impressive design portfolio.

Stepping into D Mc Elroy, you’ll notice their broad-ranging expertise covering various project types. Whether you’re hoping to construct a modern townhouse, planning a stylish commercial space, or dreaming of an environmental community hub, you’re in safe hands. This firm confidently navigates different architectural styles with ease, creating spaces you’ll proudly call your own.

One of the outstanding features that separates D Mc Elroy from the crowd is the firm’s dedication to sustainability. This design team makes every effort to create architecture that not only looks incredible but considers future generations too. Using energy-efficient methods and sustainable materials, their projects often exceed clients’ expectations related to environmental responsibility.

Plus to sustainability, D Mc Elroy takes a client-focused approach, ensuring all your needs, wishes, and dreams are weaved into the design process. Being a smaller firm, they can provide one-on-one attention and maintain open lines of communication throughout your project. You’ll appreciate the level of involvement and control, making your architectural journey an enjoyable experience.

Don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at the numerous awards and nominations D Mc Elroy Designs has bagged over the years. These accolades resonate with the firm’s dedication towards high-standard design and their command in delivering personalized, innovative solutions.

Understanding your needs, catering to your style, and crafting architectural masterpieces that stand the test of time, D Mc Elroy Designs is without a doubt, a top consideration in Navan. Time to explore the next architectural gem in our list. Let’s move forward to the next name.

Website: http://www.dmcelroydesigns.weebly.com/

Mckenna + associates

Foster Architecture & Design

Following up on our spotlight of distinguished architecture firms in Navan, we’ll now turn our attention to Mckenna + associates. This well-established and reputable firm has been providing architectural, planning, and interior design services for nearly two decades.

Renowned for its meticulous project management, McKenna + Associates prides itself on offering unmatched quality of service. They’ve tackled a diverse range of projects: from monumental public buildings and commercial developments, to refined residential properties. A quick exploration of their portfolio readily affirms this diversity.

McKenna + Associates truly excels when it comes to client service. With their detail-oriented vision, they’re committed to understanding your unique needs and preferences. They’re all about collaboration and proactive communication, so you’re actively involved throughout the entire process – from concept creation, right through to construction completion.

Much like D Mc Elroy Designs, McKenna + Associates also places a heavy emphasis on sustainability. But, its approach differs subtly. The firm focuses on creating designs that naturally integrate with the environment and local community. They use innovative techniques and materials to ensure energy efficiency, yet their designs always gracefully blend with the local cultural and historic fabric.

Their impressive track record isn’t just lip service either. McKenna + Associates have earned numerous awards that validate their superior quality and design expertise. These achievements affirm their excellence in various fields like conservation, sustainability, and creative design solutions.

Take a look at their accomplishments to date:

2018Building and Architecture of the Year Awards, Commendation – ConservationGlasnevin House
2020Meath Business and Tourism Awards, Runner Up – Best SMEMcKenna + Associates

McKenna + Associates ensures each project undertaken is a testament to their commitment towards driving innovation in the architecture sphere. With their approach, you can trust their guidance and expertise to transform your dream into architectural reality.

Website: http://mckennaarchitecture.com/

Foster Associates Architects

Foster Associates Architects emerged on Navan’s architectural scene, challenging the rank and file with versatile proficiency in architectural design. They’ve committed themselves to blending aesthetic appeal with pragmatic functionality in each of the projects they undertake.

Foster’s core philosophy revolves around delivering compelling architectural narratives to their clients. They revisit the drawing board with every project, completely reframing the blueprints to ensure each client’s vision is uniquely represented. With this approach, they don’t just build structures, they forge stories cast in brick and mortar.

Interweaving function with form, Foster Associates pride themselves in creating geometrically intricate designs that meet practical needs without compromising on the visual allure. Their array includes various projects, from sophisticated skyscrapers to modest family homes. Each structure carries the imprints of their creative genius: a testament to their expertise in crafting captivating designs.

Pivotal to their process is the inclusion of sustainable methods. Not only does the practice strongly advocate for minimizing the environmental impact, but it’s fully integrated into their design ethos. The firm judiciously leverages renewable resources, harnesses natural light, and efficiently implements water management strategies, ensuring their projects are environmentally friendly.

When you dig into their portfolio, you’ll discover a rich tapestry of consistency, innovation, and a distinctive flair for fusing the classic with the contemporary. Foster’s portfolio boasts projects that manifest adaptable spaces, optimize the energy performance of buildings, and adopt features that foster well-being.

Their commendable track record doesn’t end with their portfolio; Foster Associates have been recipients of numerous prestigious accolades. A handful of these honors are mapped out below:

2021Navan Civic Awards: Sustainable Innovation
2020Architecture Innovator of the Year
2019Navan Design Excellence Award

The prestige of their honors paralleled by their relentless passion for architectural design reinforces their standing in Navan and within the wider architectural community. Maintaining forward momentum, Foster Associates Architects persistently push the boundaries of structural creativity.

Website: http://www.fosterarchitects.ie/

3D House Plans

Boyne Construction and Maintenance | Navan

Another remarkable aspect of Foster Associates Architects is their expertise in creating 3D House Plans. It’s not just about blueprints anymore – you’re looking at a game-changer offering a uniquely immersive experience.

Facilitating better visualization of architectural designs, 3D house plans transform flat, static sketches into an interactive and voluminous preview of your dream home. Foster Associates Architects deploys cutting-edge software, ingeniously bringing building plans to life.

This means no more struggling to decipher complicated 2D designs. With their 3D plans, you can virtually walk through each room of your proposed dwelling. Imagine being able to see your living room with different color schemes, or your kitchen with varied cabinet designs – before even a brick is laid.

Foster Associates Architects‘ 3D planning service allows you to explore and customize even minute details. They empower you to make educated decisions on aspects such as room layouts, lighting fixtures, or wall textures, without any guesswork.

Also, their creative professionals dedicate time to listen to your ideas, translating them into 3D models that capture your vision. Be it a swanky modern lounge or a cozy rustic bedroom, Foster Associates visualize your preferences into lifelike simulations.

To provide an example of their proficiency, let’s look at the 3D planning statistics from their past projects:

Project Type2D Plan3D Plan
Residential Houses%70%95
Commercial Buildings%85%98
Public Spaces%80%96

As you can see, the introduction of 3D planning has resulted in a significant increase in customer satisfaction rates. Foster Associates Architects continue to innovate, offering tangible choices and peace of mind to their clients, architecturally and visually.

Website: https://www.3dhouseplans.ie/

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Architecture Firms in Navan

In a crowded field of talent and expertise, selecting the best architecture firms isn’t just about admiration for stellar design. It’s a matter of combining multiple factors that signify industry leadership, client satisfaction, and a sustainable vision for the future. So how did we curate this list of the 5 best architecture firms in Navan?

We began by examining all eligible firms in Navan and underwent a comprehensive evaluation process that includes public reviews, client testimonials, and interviews. Your opinion matters to us; hence, we actively sought multiple perspectives from real-world clients to ascertain reliability and customer service.

We took a rigorous look at each firm’s project portfolio, assessing aesthetic appeal, engineering skill, and innovative application of architectural techniques. Firms that consistently showcased outstanding design and construction expertise climbed higher on our list. Creativity, sustainability, and functionality were our main points of focus.

Next, we evaluated their industry reputation. Achievement of professional accolades, active participation in industry forums, and a record of influential contributions to the field of architecture were all considered. A trustworthy reputation often correlates with high-quality service and products.

Also, we considered how each firm manages its internal operations. Firms that invest in their workforce, have a robust operational framework, and foster a healthy work culture were given extra points. After all, happy employees often lead to happy clients.

Finally, we considered social responsibility, environmental consciousness, and sustainability. Firms that prioritize eco-friendly design practices and contribute positively to their communities stood out from the pack.

By integrating these five elements, we framed our comprehensive evaluation process. This methodology forms the bedrock of our list, allowing us to highlight top-tier firms that consistently deliver successful projects while remaining dedicated to the social, economic, and environmental health of their communities.

Remember, there’s no shortcut to excellence in architecture. Each firm on our list has undergone a rigorous selection process, demonstrating their unrivaled commitment to their craft. This is your guide to Navan’s architectural elite; take your time to explore these promising firms and find the perfect match for your project needs.


You’ve now got an inside look at the top architecture firms in Navan. Each firm’s ranking is based on a thorough evaluation process, taking into account not just design expertise and project portfolio, but also the firm’s commitment to community well-being. Remember, a great architecture firm isn’t just about creating stunning designs. It’s about delivering successful projects that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. So, when you’re ready to start your next big project, you know where to look. These top-tier firms in Navan are dedicated to their craft and to the betterment of their community. They’re the epitome of industry leadership and client satisfaction. Choose wisely and let your architectural dreams come to life.

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