5 Best Architecture Firms in Perth

Looking for top-tier architecture firms in Perth? You’re in the right place! Our team of experts has spent countless hours researching, analyzing, and comparing to bring you this definitive list.

We’ve combed through the vast landscape of Perth’s architectural scene, considering factors like innovative design, customer satisfaction, and project diversity. Our goal? To help you identify the best of the best when it comes to architecture firms in Perth.

Keen Architecture


Embarking on your architectural journey with Keen Architecture quickly reveals why it ranks tall among Perth’s top-tier architectural firms. This urban design powerhouse honours innovation, operational excellence, as well as absolute customer satisfaction.

Keen Architecture boasts years of experience across a broad spectrum of architectural domains. From residential to commercial, hospitality to aged care – their design acumen has a remarkable scope. They’re known for creating spaces that don’t just meet functionality but stir an emotional connection.

Here’s a brief rundown of why Keen Architecture stands out in Perth’s architectural circle.

They carry out sustainable design practices consistently in their projects. Concepts of energy efficiency, environment-friendly materials, and minimizing waste aren’t new to them. They’re integrated into their operational DNA. That’s what makes them an architectural firm with a vision.

The noteworthy aspect about Keen Architecture is their personalized approach to each client. International accolades and industry acclaim don’t overshadow their central focus—providing an exclusive, tailored service to their clientele. Going the extra mile isn’t a rarity but a norm here. They dive deep into your design brief, even the minute aspects, to shape a space that’s unequivocally yours.

Another attractive quality is their dedication to creating awe-inspiring designs. Spend time with their portfolio, you’ll see an array of elegant, timeless designs. Their creative genius flourishes while maintaining commitment to context and functionality. The appealing fusion between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design language has genuinely set them apart.

So if you’re seeking architectural excellence in Perth, Keen Architecture is a name you’ll frequently stumble upon. They’ve built their reputation by delivering projects with a distinctive design vocabulary and total commitment to the clients’ needs. Believing fully in the transformative power of design, they are always revving to make their next masterstroke.

What more can be said about a firm that gives an entire new meaning to the term ‘architecture’?

Key Features of Keen Architecture
Sustainable Design Practices
Personalized Approach
Awe-Inspiring Designs
Website: https://www.keenarchitecture.com.au/

Hames Sharley

Hames Sharley | Melbourne VIC

Hames Sharley is a multidisciplinary firm breaking boundaries in architecture. They’ve etched their mark on the national architectural landscape with their bold visions and innovative designs. As a matter of fact, they are recognized as one of Perth’s top architectural gems.

Their designs are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also meticulously planned. From preliminary sketches to 3D models, every stage holds witness to their dedication. The firm’s history dates back to 1975 with a mission to enhance socio-cultural spaces with sustainable architecture. Their seamless blend of creativity and functionality is epitomized in each of their projects.

They’ve got a reputation for operational efficiency and client-oriented services. With a significant number of awards under their belt, their portfolio includes educational facilities, commercial buildings, health facilities, and public spaces. Their uniqueness lies in their broad sector expertise and their ability to deliver places of unique character.

Their vision for creating vibrant-urban realms is showcased immaculately in their “New Esplanade Hotel” project, an architectural wonder with its distinct look in downtown Perth. The strength of their design concepts enables them to transform everyday spaces into something extraordinary.

Affirming their commitment to a sustainable future, the folks at Hames Sharley also bring to the fore the concept of sustainable urban development. They are on the cutting edge of sustainable practices, with a robust environmental accountability strategy.

Also, they use state-of-the-art technology for design and execution. Their proficiency in using software like BIM (Building Information Modeling) and ESD (Ecologically Sustainable Development) tools sets them apart from their counterparts.

Conclusively, Hames Sharley stands as a testament to the best that the architectural world in Perth can offer, continuing to shape the cityscape with their intricate sense of design and unswerving dedication to progress. Delving into any of their projects will reveal their prowess and why they hold a coveted spot among the top-notch architectural firms of Perth. But, the discussion does not end here, as there are other prominent firms that hold their weight in the architectural landscape.

Website: https://www.hamessharley.com.au/

Hillam Architects

Hillam Architects - Officelovin'

Stepping into the arena of Perth’s architectural titans, Hillam Architects strikes an impressive profile. This firm may not have the historical footprint of Hames Sharley, but don’t let that fool you. Their architectural prowess and unbeatable approach to design puts them on the list of top architectural firms in Perth.

With roots stretching back to 1998, Hillam Architects focuses on creating spaces that breathe life. Their mantra revolves around fostering a detailed understanding about a space, its potential, and its purpose. Deviating from conventional practices, they’re not afraid to push the boundaries and paint on a blank canvas. The sensational work they’ve showcased over the years stands as commendable proof.

Their impressive list of projects span multiple sectors, from residential properties to commercial developments and public spaces. Names such as ‘Prime House’ and ‘The Boulevard’ may pop out as some of their successful undertakings.

Prime HouseBrings a luxurious residential experience to Perth’s urban landscape
The BoulevardMirrors Perth’s thriving commercial atmosphere through an innovative design-ever changing, ever-growing

Bringing your focus back to Hillam Architect’s portfolio, you can notice the seamless blend of creativity, functionality, sustainable design, and the use of cutting-edge technology. Their urban designs follow a sophisticated palette, reflecting a strong commitment to sustainable architecture and forward-thinking design.

Strength in diversity is also what sets Hillam Architects apart. A multi-disciplinary team of talented designers, architects, and interior designers collaborate on each project, ensuring a well-rounded, innovative approach.

As with Hames Sharley, Hillam Architects’ designs and creative vision have played a significant role in shaping Perth’s cityscape. Their continued devotion to architectural contribution testifies to their position among Perth’s top architectural firms.

Remember, every architectural firm brings something distinctive to the drawing table. Your choice could be influenced by their design philosophy, past projects, or even their commitment to sustainable architecture. It’s all on what you deem important. In the case of Hillam Architects, you’re looking at an exceptional blend of innovative design, commitment to diversity, and passion for creating unique aesthetic spaces.

Website: https://www.hillam.com.au/

SPH Architecture + Interiors

SPH architecture + interiors

Journeying into another impressive architectural firm, let’s put a spotlight on SPH Architecture + Interiors. Situated in the heart of Perth, SPH is a dynamic entity in the architectural world with a rich history behind its design excellence.

Established in 1980, this dynamic entity has continually evolved to meet the ever-changing design landscape. Their team of seasoned professionals, a blend of architects, interior designers, and project managers, works in unison to produce stunning designs that combine functionality with aesthetics.

They’re renowned for their expert project management, ensuring timely completion without compromising on design quality. They’ve got a reputation for their commitment to sustainability and innovative design

Services and Expertise

SPH Architecture + Interiors offers a diverse range of services:

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management
  • Development Planning
  • Landscape Architecture

This broad spectrum of services allows them direct control over the project lifecycle, which eventually results in design coherence and optimal outcomes.

With a focus on eco-friendly designs, SPH brings interesting elements in each project. They’ve earned a name in converting regular spaces into extraordinary through creative ideas and cutting-edge technology.

Notable Projects

Here’s a shortlist of their signature projects:

  • Forrest Chase, a shopping center refurbishing in the heart of Perth. It’s a testament to their creativity and expertise in retail architecture.
  • Shenton College Discovery Centre, an educational space that’s a beautiful blend of functionality and aesthetics further anchored by sustainability.

Prizing design integrity and achieving the client’s vision, SPH leaves no stone unturned in their quest for architectural excellence. Strikingly, their approach is client-focused and aimed at creating buildings that not just meet but exceed expectations. They’re committed to producing structures that speak volumes about their expertise in design, project management, and sustainability. So if you’re searching for an architectural firm where innovation meets practicality, SPH Architecture + Interiors rightly deserves a spot in your consideration list.

Website: https://www.sph.net.au

With Architecture Studio

Home - With Studio

With Architecture Studio is yet another top-tier architectural firm that has been captivating the city of Perth with its unique and modish designs. With a dedicated team of professional architects and designers, they are passionate about creating spaces that are not only visually intriguing but also serve the functional requirements efficiently.

At the forefront of their design philosophy, sustainability and innovation interlink seamlessly. They prioritize environmentally responsible and resource-efficient processes throughout a building’s life-cycle. Ensuring that each project they undertake has minimal impact on the environment is a core tenet of their operational philosophy. Based on this guideline, they’ve been instrumental in promoting green architecture to a broader Perth audience.

Beyond their sustainable design approach, What makes With Architecture Studio stand out is their undeniable commitment to client satisfaction. They adhere to a service-driven approach ensuring each client isn’t just provided with a design – they are provided with a vision and a dream encapsulated within unique designs that resonate with the client’s aesthetics. Their impressive portfolio spans across a broad range of sectors, from residential spaces to public edifices, ensuring a diversity of creativity.

The soaring popularity of this firm could possibly be attributed to their unrelenting focus on quality and precision. Their team closely monitors each stage of the design and planning process, ensuring fluidity while preventing any possible design discrepancies.

Among their significant works, the “James Street Residence” received high acclaim for its sophisticated design integrating sustainability principles. The project serves as a testament to their approach in harmonizing sustainable design and architectural aesthetics.

While their expertise in planning and executing large-scale projects is commendable, their efforts to provide an inclusive experience for their clients by welcoming their inputs sets them apart. With Architecture Studio firmly believes in co-creating designs with the clients, learning about their preferences and visions, and integrating them into the final design. This collaborative approach has borne fruit, as witnessed by a long list of satisfied and recurring clients who endorse their services wholeheartedly.

With Architecture Studio continues to pave the way for novel design approaches, pushing the boundaries of imagination with their groundbreaking designs. The journey is ongoing and with each project, they’re sculpting Perth’s cityscape one block at a time.

Website: http://www.withstudio.com.au/

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Architecture Firms in Perth

Thorough research was conducted to produce the most informative list of Perth’s best architectural firms. We considered various essential factors to ensure each factor accurately represented the quality and performance of each firm. Here’s an insight into our research approach.

We commenced by compiling a list of architectural firms in Perth. Local listings, client reviews, industry awards, and recognition were utilized to form the foundation. We sorted these firms based on common criteria such as years of operation, the diversity of their project portfolios, architect qualifications, and client feedback.

Our team took a deep jump into each firm’s portfolio to understand their design ethos and expertise. This involved looking at their spectrum of projects – commercial, residential, public spaces, and more. The complexity and scale of the projects handled were also considered.

On top of the standard metrics, sustainability was an essential criterion. It’s no shock that eco-friendly practices have become an integral part of modern architecture. We sought firms that had demonstrated a commitment to green architecture and environmentally responsible designs. Public information was drawn upon, and some firms were contacted directly to investigate deeper into their sustainability initiatives.

Client satisfaction is paramount in the industry. We looked into customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies to gauge the level of client satisfaction. We also factored in the frequency of repeat customers, a solid indicator of a firm’s relationship with its clients.

The firm’s technological adoption was another fundamental aspect. The use of modern architectural software, virtual reality presentations, building information modeling (BIM) tools, and other innovative technologies influenced our rankings. These tools indicate a firm’s readiness to adapt and innovate in a constantly evolving field.

Bear in mind, each criterion didn’t hold equal weight. Some factors had more influence over the final rankings. For instance, client satisfaction and project diversity were given higher significance compared to other factors.

Please continue reading to discover which firms made the cut! For each firm, we’ve provided a detailed analysis that illuminates why they’ve made it onto our list of the top 5 architectural firms in Perth.


You’ve journeyed with us through the top 5 architecture firms in Perth. Each has proven its value through years of operation, diverse projects, and highly qualified architects. They’ve shown a commitment to sustainability, client satisfaction, and the use of innovative technologies. These firms aren’t just creating buildings; they’re crafting experiences, shaping landscapes, and influencing how we interact with our surroundings. Remember, it’s not just about the final product, but the ethos and values that guide the design process. So, when you’re ready to make your architectural dreams a reality, these firms stand ready to bring your vision to life. They’re not just top-ranking; they’re game-changers in the architectural world.

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