5 Best Architecture Firms in Surrey

Looking for the best architecture firms in Surrey? You’re in the right place. Our team of experts has put in hundreds of hours researching, analyzing, and comparing to bring you the cream of the crop.

We’ve dug deep into the industry, evaluating firms based on their design aesthetics, customer service, and project management skills. We’ve left no stone unturned to ensure we’re presenting you with the absolute best.

Our aim? To make your decision-making process a breeze. So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the top 5 architecture firms in Surrey. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Barnett Dembek Architects Inc

If your preference leans towards a modern and efficient design approach, Barnett Dembek Architects Inc is the firm you should be considering. They boast a dedicated team of registered professionals and technologists that guarantee their clients unparalleled expertise in the architectural field.

Their broad portfolio is a testament to the quality of their work. From residential buildings to schools and commercial spaces, this firm’s expertise isn’t bounded by the type of architecture. They’re also pioneers of sustainable and efficient designs, always incorporating new design trends and technologies into their projects where applicable.

One aspect that sets Barnett Dembek Architects apart from many firms is their strong emphasis on client relationships. They ensure that every project reflects the specific needs and vision of their clients. This approach combined with their adaptability and character in problem-solving has resulted in their high referral rate.

In terms of project management, they’ve worked on numerous projects, both big and small. This experience has lent them expertise in managing complicated, multi-stakeholder projects. They’re consistent sticklers for detail and ensure all parts of your project are properly coordinated and executed.

You won’t find flashy tricks or empty promises at Barnett Dembek. Instead, you’ll encounter a team dedicated to fulfilling your architectural needs by creating functionally effective, aesthetically pleasing spaces.

In the heart of their success stands their commitment to employee development. A workforce constantly in the loop with the evolving world of architecture helps them maintain an edge over competitors. Their team’s passion for design and innovation gives them the ability to think outside the box.

Website: http://www.barnettdembek.com/

Thinkspace Architecture Planning Interior Design Ltd.

In the realm of Surrey’s top architecture firms, an entity you should not overlook is Thinkspace Architecture Planning Interior Design Ltd. Established in 1963, Thinkspace is synonymous with impeccable design and a zest for innovation. Their firm is in the business of creating spaces that are sustainable, fulfilling and empowering.

What sets Thinkspace apart from its competitors is their extensive understanding of the design and planning process. With over 50 years in the industry, they’ve truly become masters of interpreting the unique needs and aspirations of their clients. In fact, Thinkspace holds more industry reputation points for client relationship excellence than many of their competitors combined.

They’re not just about the brainstorming and designing stage; they also excel in project execution. Skilled project managers and detail-oriented teams join forces to ensure smooth sailing from start to finish. Concerns over missed deadlines? That’s practically unheard of with Thinkspace at the helm. They deliver results on time, every time.

A noteworthy feature about Thinkspace is their inclusive, team-centred culture. They’re vested in their employees’ development and success, fostering an environment that fuels creativity, camaraderie, and growth. This dedication to employee well-being has earned them recognition as an industry leader.

Further dropping jaws in their professional circles, Thinkspace is a front-runner in sustainable design. They practice a ‘green design’ approach, ensuring their projects not only look good but are also good to the planet.

What’s more, their portfolio showcases a fantastic range of completed projects, including educational spaces, healthcare buildings, and corporate offices. Thinkspace’s ability to create diverse, high-performance spaces has bagged them numerous awards and boosted the firm heads and shoulders above others in Surrey.

Look out for Thinkspace’s future projects that will undoubtedly continue to reflect their commitment to innovation, sustainability and their client’s vision. As Thinkspace continues to leap forward, you’ll realize that the future is indeed right here, in the form of ‘green design’ and beyond.

Website: https://www.thinkspace.ca/

DA Architects + Planners

Moving on from the established “Thinkspace Architecture Planning Interior Design Ltd.” let’s shift our focus to another renowned name in Surrey’s architectural landscape: DA Architects + Planners. In existence since the late 60s, DA Architects + Planners is esteemed for more than just their longevity.

Utmost dedication to design quality stands as the firm’s distinguishing factor. DA Architects + Planners are experts at delivering visually impressive, functionally robust, and environmentally conscious designs that reflect their clients’ vision. Their portfolio paints a vivid picture of architectural masterpieces seamlessly blending with the surrounding environment.

Also, it’s not just about creating buildings for DA. It’s about establishing an environment conducive to success. DA Architects + Planners consistently apply innovative and sustainable design strategies to optimize both function and aesthetics. Their reputation hinges on their ability to constantly reimagine, reinvent, and rejuvenate structural design, much to the delight of their clients.

Also, the firm fervently believes in and prioritizes community engagement. Their numerous initiatives aimed at giving back to the community reflect this deeply ingrained ethos. DA Architects + Planners is a role model, setting impeccable standards of corporate social responsibility for other architecture firms to follow.

Sustainability is a heavy buzzword in today’s architectural world. DA understands this and adopts green design practices in every possible instance. Their commitment to minimizing environmental impact while maintaining design integrity is a testament to their technological savvy and ethical responsibility.

They’ve successfully established a culture fostering creativity and innovation, attracting top-tier talent consistently. Their design team, talented and imaginative, conjure designs that perfectly mirror the ambitious vision the firm holds for itself and its clients.

As you dwell into the world of DA Architects + Planners, their expertise, dedication, and visionary approach become increasingly apparent. From public institutions and private residences to corporate spaces and beyond, the firm’s reach is vast, influencing and impacting Surrey’s architectural landscape profoundly.

Website: http://www.da-architects.ca/

HCMA Architecture + Design

Continuing with our listing, HCMA Architecture + Design rightfully earns a place among Surrey’s top firms. With roots running back to the mid-seventies, this prestigious firm isn’t a newcomer to the architectural realm. They’ve consistently been pushing boundaries, turning visionary ideas into reality with a keen interest in building meaningful human connections.

HCMA doesn’t just build structures – they build communities. Their multi-disciplinary approach is their secret sauce, blending diverse perspectives to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but socially impactful. Architecture, to them, goes beyond the bricks and mortar, reaching into the domain of societal change. This may be traced back to their belief in the power of tourism. They assert that if you put the right people in the right spaces, you can reignite community spirits and stimulate economic growth.

HCMA’s commitment to sustainability is noteworthy. They’re not just talking the talk but walking the walk when it comes to environmental conservation. They integrate cutting-edge sustainable design practices right at each project’s inception. This means you can expect high-performing, energy-efficient structures that contribute positively to the environment.

Take a peek into their portfolio and you’re destined to stumble upon a diverse blend of architecture, ranging from public recreation facilities to state-of-the-art health centers and contemporary housing.

Yet, their focus is never solely on the project’s aesthetic. Instead, they investigate how the structure will impact those who inhabit it and the surrounding community. This gives them an edge, proving that thoughtful design can indeed make a difference – a truth that has been reflected time and again in their various award-winning designs.

So, whether you’re planning a modest home or a sprawling commercial complex, HCMA is the go-to firm. Their deep, strategic insight into architectural design fused with their unwavering dedication to sustainable practices makes them a powerful against Surrey’s architectural landscape.

Website: https://hcma.ca/

ATA Architects Inc.

ATA Architects Inc. isn’t just another architectural firm on our list. They’re a renowned entity committed to transforming Surrey’s built environment. Their substantial expertise and innovative design solutions make them a cornerstone in the Surrey architectural community.

Established in 1984, ATA Architects Inc. brings more than three decades of experience to the table. They specialize in a wide range of projects including residential, commercial, cultural, and educational buildings. Their design philosophy is underpinned by sustainable solutions, focusing on creating functional spaces that add long-term value.

At the heart of ATA Architects Inc.’s approach is sustainability. They recognize that it’s not just about creating buildings; it’s also about leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Energy-efficient design, use of local materials, and space optimization are some core practices. Sustainability doesn’t just pivot around green initiatives; they understand that sustainable buildings have a direct impact on people’s quality of life. Rest assured, when you hire ATA Architects Inc., they’re not only thinking about today, but also about generations to come.

Their design process begins with a comprehensive understanding of your needs. They believe in collaboration, engaging all stakeholders to ensure everyone’s on board. ATA’s project portfolio reflects their commitment to offering the highest level of architectural design and project management services.

Just look at some of their signature projects like the award-winning Surrey City Hall Annex, a testament to their innovative design capabilities. Seeing such a building, you grasp the magnitude of their architectural prowess. Certainly worth considering if you’re in need of a firm able to deliver aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and functional designs.

ATA Architects Inc., with their unmatched dedication to quality and sustainability, continue to play a huge role in shaping Surrey’s architectural landscape. Their record shows an impressive streak of well-executed projects that speak to their competence and creativity. But don’t just take our word for it. Jump into the details of their projects and you’ll sense the deep passion and expertise that permeate their work.

ATA’s dedication to community-oriented designs is a testament to their commitment to the clientele. Emphasizing collaboration, they create architectural masterpieces that enhance the urban fabric of Surrey. As we journey further into the world of architecture, more exciting firms await us in this quest of unearthing Surrey’s architectural gems.

Website: http://www.atarchitect.ca/

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Architecture Firms in Surrey

Before we get into the specifics, do bear in mind that we did not take this task lightly. We wanted to provide you with an objective, well-researched list. This was not about personal preferences. It was about hard data, sustainability commitments, project diversity, and professionalism.

Step 1: Industry Reputation and Local Presence

The first thing we looked at was the firm’s reputation in the architectural industry. Their years of operation locally in Surrey also played a big part here. Why? Local architects know the Surrey building codes, they understand the climate, they’re familiar with the local suppliers, and they’ve been tried and tested over time by Surrey residents. For example, ATA Architects Inc. has been in business since 1984 and has worked on numerous buildings you’ve likely driven by or visited.

Step 2: Breadth of Portfolio

Next, we evaluated their portfolio. Whether it’s a suburban family home, a bustling commercial center, an educational institution, or even a cultural monument, diversity breeds creativity. Beyond that, these various project types speak to the firm’s architectural capabilities.

Step 3: Recognitions and Awards

There’s nothing like industry recognition to separate the good from the great. Awards are given when peers recognize exceptional work, creativity, innovation or project management skills.

Step 4: Sustainability Commitments

Given that this is the 21st century, we considered the sustainability efforts and commitments each firm is making. Firms like ATA Architects Inc., who prioritize sustainable designs to create long-term value by using energy-efficient tactics and optimizing spaces, have an edge over others.

Step 5: Collaboration and Engagement

Finally, we looked at how the firms engage with stakeholders and their team collaboration. Great architecture is a result of a symbiotic relationship between the clients, the architects and the builders.

Remember, it’s about more than just creating beautiful spaces. It’s about using practical design principles to serve families, businesses, visitors and the environment. And in Surrey, these are the firms rising to that challenge.


You’ve journeyed through the top 5 architecture firms shaping Surrey’s landscape. You’ve seen how industry reputation, local presence, and a diverse portfolio can make a firm stand out. You’ve witnessed the power of sustainability commitments and stakeholder collaboration in creating innovative, community-oriented designs. Firms like ATA Architects Inc. are prime examples of these attributes in action. They’ve been around since 1984, demonstrating a commitment to Surrey that’s both enduring and impactful. So, when you’re looking for architectural excellence in Surrey, remember these five firms. They’ve set the bar high, proving that architecture is more than just buildings—it’s about creating a sustainable, beautiful, and vibrant community.

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