5 Best Architecture Firms in Sydney

When you’re on the hunt for the top architecture firms in Sydney, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. You want a firm that’s not only creative and innovative but also has a strong track record and stellar reputation. Well, you’re in luck!

Our team of experts has dedicated hundreds of hours to research, sift through countless firms, and evaluate them on various parameters. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. The result? A comprehensive list of the 5 best architecture firms in Sydney, each offering a unique blend of design expertise, professionalism, and client satisfaction.

Luigi Rosselli Architects

Luigi Rosselli Arch (@luigi_rosselli) / X

If you’re seeking design innovation alongside sustainability, Luigi Rosselli Architects is a firm you’ll want to consider. This firm has carved out a unique niche in Sydney’s architecture scene offering organic, environmentally aware designs that encapsulate you in their charm.

With over 30 years of experience in the architecture industry, this firm is known for its creative dynamism. Luigi, the founder, believes in the principle of ‘humanity above all else’, and this ethos is reflected in every project they handle. So, you can anticipate designs that accommodate not only the aesthetics but also the practical aspects of living.

Luigi Rosselli Architects demonstrates a distinct approach towards integrating architecture with landscape. Green walls, overhanging rooftops for shade, and operable timber louvres are just a few examples of how this firm provides solutions that respond sympathetically to Sydney’s climatic context.

Clients applaud the firm’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable design while preserving the integrity and history of the site. And their portfolio isn’t restricted to residential projects alone. They’ve also designed a variety of commercial and institutional structures, all illustrating a keen understanding of space, volume, and the application of green principles.

From multi-residential buildings to adaptive re-use projects, Luigi Rosselli Architects have consistently demonstrated their mettle. And the numerous awards they’ve received for design excellence are a testament to that. Here’s a snapshot of some of their achievements:

2020NSW Architecture AwardThe Great Wall of WA
2019Belle Coco RepublicInterior Design Award
2018Houses AwardsThe Beehive

So, if you’re on the hunt for an architecture firm that combines design innovation with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, Luigi Rosselli Architects is worth your consideration.

Website: http://www.luigirosselli.com/

COX Architecture

Cox Architecture | LinkedIn

After learning about the innovative and sustainable designs of Luigi Rosselli Architects, we now shift our focus to another architectural powerhouse in Sydney – bold COX Architecture. As a top-tier firm, it’s earned a credible reputation in the world of architecture and design.

COX Architecture operates with a philosophy of designing buildings that respond to the social, cultural, and environmental context. With sugar in their DNA, COX Architecture’s portfolio stands as a testament to their versatility and prowess in architecture.

Maintaining a global perspective, this firm excels in a variety of projects. These range from educational establishments and sports facilities to transport hubs and cultural scenes. The diverse expertise of COX Architecture manifests in their projects, showcasing a remarkable fusion of function and beauty.

A noteworthy contribution in their repertoire is the Sydney Football Stadium. It’s a prime example of their craftmanship, reflecting the firm’s innovative approach to sustainable architecture.

Another remarkable design by COX Architecture is the UTS Business School. It’s an icon of Sydney’s architecture, adding to the firm’s list of inventive, environmental, and future-focused creations made to endure.

In their 50-year tenure, COX Architecture has executed over 600 projects, influencing city skylines, not just in Sydney, but worldwide. We’d be amiss not to mention their enormous contribution to modern architecture.

The team at COX Architecture tirelessly pushes architectural boundaries. Examples of this dedication are captured in their designs – both functional and inspired, but always pushing the envelope. It’s all about capturing the essence of a space, making it livable and inspiring for its inhabitants.

Eventually, choosing COX Architecture means entrusting your project to a team that blends meticulous planning with creative freedom. You’d be choosing a firm that doesn’t just design buildings, but constructs experiences. Remember, this is just one of the many stellar architecture firms in Sydney worth considering for your architectural needs.

Website: http://www.coxarchitecture.com.au/

JS Architects Pty Ltd

JSA Architects Inc.

Moving on to another eminent player in Sydney’s architectural scene, we have JS Architects Pty Ltd. This renowned firm epitomizes the marriage of form and function, with a keen focus on balancing aesthetics and usability, resulting in architecture that’s not only visually striking but also supremely practical.

As a recipient of the Australian Institute of Architects’ prestigious architecture awards, JS Architects Pty Ltd has undoubtedly cemented its reputation as a leading architectural firm in Sydney. Showcasing an impressive array of projects under their belt, the firm’s portfolio is vast and diverse.

From residential developments to retail spaces, public amenities to corporate buildings – JS Architects is proficient across a wide range of sectors. It’s noteworthy that the firm prides itself on its methodical approach towards every project, paying heed to clients’ distinct requirements and ensuring that the resultant structures more than meet their expectations.

Their team of leading architects and designers strive to create spaces that pack a punch, visually speaking, and also adhere to sustainability norms. Some of their groundbreaking projects, like the Riverview House and the Urban Oasis Sydney, speak volumes about their architectural prowess. Here, aesthetics, functionality, and eco-friendliness are presented in perfect harmony, creating a unique spatial experience.

Their pioneering design approach makes use of innovative technologies, marrying old-school architectural principles with new-age tech, resulting in structures that truly stand the test of time.

Looking for an architectural firm that straddles the line between modernity and tradition? You’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than JS Architects Pty Ltd in Sydney. Offering a blend of innovative solutions and construction finesse, they are experts at creating spaces that are an embodiment of the future, and yet, deeply rooted in their appreciation for the past.

Note: Future-focused, sustainable design – it’s the hallmark of JS Architects Pty Ltd, making them a firm to reckon with in Sydney’s buzzing architectural space. Consider them your go-to professionals for architecture that’s ahead of its time, yet timeless in its appeal. Make no mistake, with JS Architects Pty Ltd, you’re committing yourself to an architectural journey that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Website: https://jsarchs.wixsite.com/jsarchitects

Lockhart-Krause Architects

Lockhart-Krause Architects

Discover Lockhart-Krause Architects, another award-winning member of Sydney’s architectural turf. This firm’s essence lies in its commitment to creating sustainable spaces that perfectly blend the old and the new.

At Lockhart-Krause, thoughtfulness is key. They strive to understand not only the client’s requirements but also the story behind these needs. For them, it’s fundamental to create designs that echo the soul of the people who’ll inhabit and interact within these spaces.

Their core foundation entails:

  • Prioritizing communication for effective collaboration
  • Valuing exceptional craftsmanship and time-honored techniques
  • Emphasizing sustainability in design and practices

Lockhart-Krause’s portfolio proves their prowess in creating residential and commercial structures that marry tradition with innovation. One of the fan favorites from their showcase is the Paddington House, an urban sanctuary that boasts a warm fusion of earthen tones, natural materials, and a design that is distinctively contemporary yet nostalgically familiar.

Key ProjectTypeNotable Features
Paddington HouseResidentialRespect for tradition, Innovative design

They’re best known for their attention to detail and their drive to push the boundaries of design while staying grounded in values of sustainability and respect for heritage. This harmonious blend of past and future is what sets Lockhart-Krause apart in the architectural realm.

With their dedicated team, they constantly adapt to the evolving architectural landscape. By incorporating modern technologies and innovative techniques, they ensure each project bears its distinct identity and serves its purpose effectively.

As you investigate deeper into the architectural brilliance that is Sydney, Lockhart-Krause’s contributions stand as a testament to the city’s rich diversity and dynamic adaptability. It’s clear how this firm has carved out its niche in the realm of sustainable, high-quality architecture in Sydney. Their work infuses life into bricks and mortar, demonstrating the transformative power of great design.

In the following section, we’re going to jump into another equally outstanding architectural firm. So stay tuned, and continue to explore the amazing architectural talents Sydney has to offer.

Website: http://www.lockhartkrause.com.au/

Level Architects Sydney

Level Architects Sydney: ARCHITECTS + INTERIORS

Another name that garners immense respect in the Sydney architectural scene is Level Architects Sydney. They’re a dynamic group of professionals dedicated to creating truly memorable, functional, and durable spaces that harmoniously blend modern aesthetics with practicality.

Level Architects’ approach to crafting architectural masterpieces involves a careful understanding of spatial dynamics and the client’s vision. The end result is a plethora of beautifully designed structures dotting the Sydney skyline, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative designs.

If one word could encapsulate Level Architects Sydney it would be sustainability. They’re recognized for their remarkable knack to weave sustainable design strategies effortlessly into their projects. Their methodology encapsulates a forward-thinking attitude, aiming to conquer future challenges with a touch of elegance.

Their expertise covers various facets of contemporary architecture, from residential properties to full-fledged commercial complexes. No project is too small or too big, every assignment is treated with equal passion, focus, and dedication.

When you review Level Architects’ portfolio, you’ll witness an impressive range of projects. Each project carries a unique story that reflects the client’s aspirations and needs. The firm’s exceptional designing prowess, combined with a keen eye for detail, results in spaces that are not just aesthetically appealing but also highly efficient.

With each new design, Level Architects strives to push boundaries and transcend the ordinary confines of architectural design. They pledge to respond to client needs with agile strategies tailored to suit each project’s unique requirements. Continuously embracing new technologies and innovative techniques, they excel in transforming visions into tangible realties.

Given their dedication to sustainable design and innovative approaches, it’s clear that Level Architects plays a pivotal role in shaping Sydney’s architectural landscape. Keep an eye on them as they continue to challenge conventions and redefine what’s possible in architecture. Level Architects Sydney sure does make a positive and profound impact on the city’s burgeoning architectural scene.

Website: https://www.levelarchitects.com.au/

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Architecture Firms in Sydney

To ensure this list represents the cream of the Sydney architectural scene, a specific ranking system was devised. This strategy was implemented to ensure that each firm’s unique features are considered and appreciated in the context of what Sydney has to offer.

The first criterion is Experience. You’d want a team that’s been around the block a few times, wouldn’t you? Firms with an established track record in Sydney’s competitive architectural market have an advantage here. The number of years in operation indicates their stability and adaptability. Experience budges the ranks noticeably.

The second factor in this methodology is Range of Services. Firms offering a broad spectrum of services indicate their ability to handle different kinds of projects. It’s a testimonial to their versatility and breadth of knowledge.

Past Projects and Client Satisfaction forms the third critical criterion. Reviews from past clients provide invaluable insights into the firm’s work ethic, professionalism, and quality of work. The firms’ public portfolios offers visual proof of their design capabilities.

The fourth standard involves Innovation and Technology Adoption. In a world that’s ceaselessly evolving, architectural firms must keep up with the latest technologies and innovative design practices to stay relevant. Embracing BIM, VR, sustainable design principles, and other advancements reflect a firm’s willingness to adapt and innovate.

Finally, Industry Recognition and Awards are a solid indicator of a firm’s prowess and respect in the architectural community.

Here’s a summary of the criteria in a neat table:

ExperienceIndicates stability and adaptability
Range of ServicesShows versatility and expertise
Past Projects & SatisfactionTestifies work ethics and quality
Innovation & Tech AdoptionReflects adaptability and innovation
Industry RecognitionMarks respect and prowess

These dimensions are not exhaustive, and the rankings are not definitive. Yet, it gives a balanced appraisal, recognizing the broad and varied architectural talent Sydney has to offer, providing a valuable guide to decision-makers.


You’ve seen the top five architectural firms in Sydney. These firms stand out due to their vast experience, diverse range of services, impressive past projects, and high levels of client satisfaction. They’re not just adopting the latest technology and innovation; they’re pioneering it. With a plethora of industry recognition and awards under their belt, they truly represent the architectural talent in Sydney. If you’re in the decision-making process, this ranking can serve as a valuable guide. Remember, the right architectural firm can transform your vision into a reality, creating structures that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Choose wisely!

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