5 Best Architecture Firms in Virginia Beach

Looking for the top architecture firms in Virginia Beach? You’re in the right place! Our team of experts has spent countless hours researching and analyzing the local landscape to bring you the cream of the crop. We’ve sifted through a multitude of firms, assessing their creativity, project range, customer satisfaction, and overall impact on the Virginia Beach skyline.

We know how crucial finding the right architecture firm is for your project. Whether you’re dreaming up a commercial powerhouse or a residential haven, the firm you choose can make all the difference. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Jump into our curated list of the 5 best architecture firms in Virginia Beach and discover the perfect partner for your next architectural try.

Covington Hendrix Anderson Architects


When you’re exploring the top architecture firms in Virginia Beach, Covington Hendrix Anderson Architects (CHAA) stands out for its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability. Founded in 1987, CHAA has established itself as a leader in both residential and commercial architecture, crafting spaces that perfectly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Why CHAA? Their portfolio is a testament to their versatility, spanning from modern office buildings to elegant private homes. What sets them apart is their dedication to eco-friendly design principles. CHAA is not just about creating buildings; they’re about creating sustainable environments that contribute positively to the urban landscape of Virginia Beach.

Collaboration is key at CHAA. They believe in working closely with their clients to ensure that every project reflects the client’s vision and needs while pushing the boundaries of design. Their approach has not only won them numerous awards but also the trust and satisfaction of their clients. Here are some highlights that underscore the excellence of CHAA:

  • Exceptional design quality
  • Strong focus on sustainability
  • Proven track record in both residential and commercial projects
  • High client satisfaction rates

The impact of CHAA on the Virginia Beach skyline is undeniable. Their projects not only stand out for their architectural beauty but also for their thoughtful integration with their surroundings. By choosing CHAA, you’re not just selecting an architecture firm; you’re partnering with visionaries who see beyond the blueprints to the lasting impact of their work on the community and environment.

Whether you’re planning to build your dream home or a commercial space that inspires, Covington Hendrix Anderson Architects guarantees a partnership that brings your vision to life with an unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Website: www.covingtonhendrix.com

GMF+ Associates

If you’re exploring architecture firms in Virginia Beach that excel in both residential and commercial projects, GMF+ Associates deserves your attention. Renowned for their expertise in crafting designs that perfectly blend functionality with aesthetics, GMF+ Associates has made a significant mark in Virginia Beach’s architectural landscape.

With a robust portfolio spanning over three decades, GMF+ Associates specializes in luxury homes, renovations, and commercial buildings. Their projects reflect a commitment to innovative design and sustainability, making them a top choice for clients looking for eco-friendly solutions without compromising on style or comfort.

Why Choose GMF+ Associates?

  • Personalized Approach: GMF+ Associates places great emphasis on understanding your vision. They offer personalized services ensuring your needs and preferences are at the forefront of every design.
  • Sustainability: With a focus on sustainable architecture, they’re proficient in incorporating green technologies and materials, aiming to reduce environmental impact and enhance energy efficiency.
  • Experience: Decades of experience in the field equip them with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of architectural design and construction, foreseeing challenges and providing innovative solutions.

Projects and Recognition

GMF+ Associates has an impressive portfolio that showcases diversity in design and innovation. Their work has not only enhanced the visual appeal of Virginia Beach but has also been recognized with awards for excellence in architecture. From modern commercial spaces that encourage productivity and collaboration to luxurious private homes that provide solace and comfort, their projects stand testament to their commitment to quality and excellence.

If sustainability, personalized service, and innovative design are what you seek in your next project, GMF+ Associates offers the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life. Their profound understanding of architecture and dedication to client satisfaction makes them a brilliant choice among Virginia Beach’s best architect firms.

Website: www.gmfplus.com

Cox, Kliewer & Company, P.C.

Cox, Kliewer & Company, P.C. Logo

Exploring the repertoire of Virginia Beach’s finest architecture firms, Cox, Kliewer & Company, P.C. stands out as a beacon of excellence and innovation. With a track record spanning over 25 years, this firm has crafted some of the most iconic and beloved spaces in the region. Specializing in custom residential and commercial projects, they bring dreams to life with unparalleled creativity and precision.

At the heart of Cox, Kliewer & Company is their unwavering commitment to personalized and client-focused design solutions. They understand that each project is as unique as its owner, and they dedicate themselves to translating individual visions into reality. Whether it’s a sprawling estate that exudes elegance or a cutting-edge commercial space designed for optimal functionality, they approach every project with fresh ideas and a meticulous attention to detail.

Sustainability and innovation are key pillars of Cox, Kliewer & Company’s design philosophy. They’re not just about creating buildings; they’re in the business of crafting environments that enhance human interactions and respect the natural world. Their designs seamlessly integrate eco-friendly features, proving that style and sustainability can go hand in hand.

The firm’s portfolio showcases a wide range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, each bearing the hallmark of their meticulous craftsmanship. Their projects do not just meet expectations; they set new benchmarks in architectural design. With numerous awards and accolades under their belt, Cox, Kliewer & Company, P.C. has solidified its position as a leading architecture firm in Virginia Beach.

Choosing Cox, Kliewer & Company, P.C. means entrusting your vision to a team that values beauty, functionality, and innovation. They’re dedicated to creating spaces that not only look spectacular but also foster a deeper connection between the environment and the people who inhabit it. Whether you’re envisioning a tranquil private residence or a dynamic commercial space, Cox, Kliewer & Company is equipped to bring your architectural dreams to fruition.

Website: www.coxkliewer.com

Saunders + Crouse Architects

When exploring Virginia Beach’s top architecture firms, Saunders + Crouse Architects stands out for its unique blend of artistry and functionality. With over two decades of experience, this firm has made a significant mark with its innovative and thoughtful designs. Their work emphasizes creating spaces that not only meet the clients’ needs but also enhance the environment.

Saunders + Crouse’s portfolio showcases a variety of projects, ranging from modern waterfront residences to public and educational buildings. Each design is a testament to the firm’s commitment to excellence and sustainability. They prioritize eco-friendly materials and techniques, ensuring that every project contributes positively to its surroundings.

  • Over 20 years of architectural experience
  • A broad portfolio encompassing residential, educational, and public projects
  • A strong focus on sustainable and eco-friendly design practices

This firm is particularly admired for its client-centered approach. The architects at Saunders + Crouse take the time to understand your vision, incorporating your ideas and preferences into the final design. This personalized touch sets them apart, ensuring that your project reflects your unique style and requirements.

Their dedication to innovation and sustainability has earned Saunders + Crouse numerous accolades and a loyal client base. Whether you’re planning a new home, a renovation, or a commercial development, Saunders + Crouse Architects offers the expertise and vision to bring your ideas to life. With their guidance, you can achieve a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and environmental stewardship.

Website: www.saunderscrousearchitects.com

Dills Architects

When exploring the architectural landscape of Virginia Beach, Dills Architects emerges as a pivotal player with a robust portfolio. Renowned for their dedication to crafting spaces that resonate with both functionality and aesthetic appeal, this firm stands out for its unique approach to design challenges. With years of experience under their belt, Dills Architects specializes in blending contemporary techniques with timeless design principles to create structures that are not just buildings but landmarks.

At the heart of Dills Architects is a team of seasoned professionals passionate about architecture and its potential to transform communities. They prioritize close collaboration with clients, ensuring every project reflects the client’s vision and needs while seamlessly integrating with its environment. This client-centered approach has not only garnered trust and loyalty but has also led to highly personalized and innovative design outcomes.

Sustainability is another cornerstone of Dills Architects’ philosophy. They are committed to eco-friendly practices, incorporating sustainable materials and energy-efficient solutions into their designs. This commitment is reflected in their diverse portfolio, which includes everything from luxurious residential properties to functional commercial spaces and public institutions. Each project is a testament to the firm’s ability to balance aesthetic appeal with environmental stewardship.

Key HighlightsDetails
Sustainable PracticesIncorporation of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions
Client-Centric ApproachPersonalized designs reflecting clients’ visions and needs
Portfolio DiversityResidential, commercial, and public projects

Their work not only enhances the visual appeal of Virginia Beach but also contributes to the broader goals of sustainability and community wellbeing. Whether you’re looking to build a new home or revitalize a commercial space, Dills Architects offers the creativity, expertise, and dedication to bring your vision to life.

Website: www.dillsarchitects.com

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best Architecture Firms in Virginia Beach

When diving into the vast ocean of architectural talent in Virginia Beach, we had a clear objective: to provide you with a list of the top architecture firms. Our methodology was thorough and multifaceted, ensuring that each firm not only meets but exceeds standards of excellence.

Key Factors Considered

To distill the essence of what makes an architecture firm truly stand out, we evaluated several key areas:

  • Client Satisfaction: At the top of our criteria, client feedback and testimonials played a pivotal role. Positive reviews and repeat business are clear indicators of a firm’s dedication to meeting and surpassing clients’ expectations.
  • Portfolio Diversity: The ability to skillfully handle a range of projects, from residential to commercial and beyond, showcases versatility and expertise. Firms that demonstrate a wide array of successful projects ranked higher.
  • Sustainability Practices: In today’s world, sustainable and eco-friendly designs aren’t just nice-to-have; they’re imperative. Firms leading with green solutions and innovative, energy-efficient designs gained extra points.
  • Awards and Recognition: Achievements and accolades from reputable industry bodies highlight a firm’s excellence and innovation in architecture.
  • Years in Business: Experience matters. The length of time a firm has successfully operated in Virginia Beach offered insights into their stability and community rapport.

By meticulously analyzing these factors, we’ve curated a list that reflects the best in the business. Each firm was scored across these categories, allowing us to compile rankings that are informed, balanced, and aimed at guiding you towards making an well-informed choice for your architectural needs. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy beachside cottage or a state-of-the-art commercial space, understanding the strengths and focuses of each firm ensures your project starts on the right foundation.


Choosing the right architecture firm in Virginia Beach is crucial for your project’s success. With the insights provided, you’re now equipped to make an well-informed choice. Remember, it’s not just about the aesthetics but also about how well the firm aligns with your vision, values, and the specific requirements of your project. Dills Architects, with their commitment to sustainability, client collaboration, and a diverse portfolio, exemplifies the qualities to look for. Whether your project is residential, commercial, or public, the right firm will help you realize your vision while contributing positively to the community and environment. Take your time, review your options, and select a partner that will bring your architectural dreams to life with expertise and creativity.

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